denatured alcohol as a degreaser

lam702October 29, 2013

We're refacing our cabinets, and have seen so many differing instructions on how to prep and apply the psa veneers. We decided to contact the manufacturer, to get their advice. They recommend cleaning the frames with denatured alcohol before applying the veneers. So, I bought the d.alcohol but the more I read, the less I like the idea of it. It seems to be very toxic, it vaporizes quickly but the vapor is extremely flammable if exposed to any kind of spark. And it says that the vapors can spread very far from the original place you used it. Since I cannot take the cabinet boxes outside, I have to do this indoors but I am afraid of the vapors igniting if I use any kind of electrical appliance. Can anyone tell me if this stuff is safe to use indoors? I understand its purpose is to completely remove any grease, which is key for the veneers to stick. Can I substitute 90% isopropyl alcohol instead, as it seems to be less toxic? I actually use the isopropyl alcohol to clean my stove, its great at removing grease and oils. But I am not sure its right for this job. Also, I bought the "green" type of denatured alcohol, is this safer/better? I want to do the job right but I really hate to use such toxic and dangerous substances, especially indoors. .

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You should not substitute isopropyl alcohol for denatured alcohol.

Since this comment is months later, you probably have figured out what to use for your cabinets. Our cabinet maker used denatured alcohol to remove tape residue.

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