Urgent help needed - layout suggestions needed

EkhlipseOctober 25, 2012

We are going to place our order for cabinets in the next couple of days. Home Depot is having a 10% off sale, and we need to take advantage of it. I've attached a picture of our configuration.

The problem is with our lower cabinets. In the left-most cabinet, I have a 15" with a Rev-A-Shelf mixer insert going in http://www.rev-a-shelf.com/p-206-mixer-appliance-lift-mechanism-without-shelf-sink-and-base-accessories.aspx.

My theory is it's on the end, out of the way, and doesn't get used on a regular basis, so it makes sense to put it there.

On the right of the sink, I'm adding a pull out to store my knives/utensils, etc. On the right of the corner, I have an 18" with trash pull out(not moving that - love it there already), then an 18" with a drawer and 2 slide outs. On the right of the stove, there is another 18" with slide outs as well.

We're adding two 24" pantries on either side of our refrigerator, on another wall, and plan on altering a pot rack to store pots and pans so I won't need to keep the cabs on either side of the stove available for storing them.

With the addition of the pantries, I'm going to have so much additional storage, I am not sure what the best option is for the mixer. Should I keep it on the left, or put it between the trash and the stove?

I'm adding a cookbook holder under the uppers next to the stove, and the mixer will not be near any of my usual go to's so I'd have to adjust how I work in the space, when I'm using the mixer. If it was next to the trash, I wouldn't have that problem, however I would need to relocate where I proposed to store some of my odd items like measuring cups, etc. And then they are not convenient to my work area.

Any suggestions on what I should do? The mixer lift requires a full panel door, no drawers, so I need to know before I place my order. I like the idea of adding a pull out counter extension in one of the little top drawers (they are so small inside - what are they really good for?) but am looking for the most functionality out of the space I have. It's still a small 10 x 10 kitchen.


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First, please reconsider Home Depot. They did my countertops a couple years ago, and I'm still mad about it. They were very quick to take my money, but they did not deliver on time. I had to keep calling them to ask when they'd have the items (which were not special order in any way) ready. They didn't install 'til 5-6 weeks after the original promise date. Then they discovered - after the ountertops were in -- that the backsplash I'd ordered wouldn't work in my kitchen. Why couldn't the man who came out to measure the kitchen figure this out?. No apology, no suggestions on what else to do. And they weren't nice about refunding my money.

I would not go to Home Depot again-- not even for something simple like light bulbs ot trash bags. not even if they were giving things away for free.

As for your plans, I like them . . . Except I'm not sure that in such a small kitchen you can afford the space for a dedicated mixer lift.

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