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j5betchOctober 24, 2012

I have arm wrestled with my kitchen, KD, contractor and DH for the past 5 months. This is the layout we came up with and I am happy with it. Even though it doesn't seem like it should, the kitchen has limitations due to doors/entries (5), enough said.

I would love feedback- are there any glaring problems that we may not have seen? I will post the 3D renderings one at a time- not sure how many I can throw in at a time.


This is a 45 yo kitchen that has never had ANY love. I love to bake and it is drudgery to cook in this kitchen. I would like to correct that. I am an o.k cook, but with interest I could be much better. I have made dishes DH says are restaurant quality- and he should know. We now have limited counter top (we use about 24" of current counter top 90% of time) and I would love to have storage for food. Because this is a 1967 home, it is boxy and I am hoping to open it a bit to the family room. These are the two rooms we spend most of our time in.

This kitchen is used by me and DH. I have two married children, one of whom has blessed us with one 20 mo old granddaughter (Iggy) and a soon to be grandson (Squiggy). No, that is not their real names.

We are not big entertainers, but I would like to change that some. We do have a formal DR & LR (sigh) that we don't use much, but that is due to the boxy house. Maybe I have to rethink that, too. Later.

We are planning to change the window over the sink to mimic a garden window without the problems. Our 6' sliding glass (looks like a swing door, but we vacillated and decided slider works best) door is shrinking to 5.'

We are taking down a few half walls- one is load bearing, but we are making that area into a peninsula.

I know that the layout help has more questions, but can we start with this?

Thank you all!


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I forgot to mention that we are going live soon.

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Here are the CAD renderings from KD. This one is from the garage/family room area looking towards dining room.

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This view is with back towards the west. The sliders are on the west side of the room. We are looking towards the family room and powder room. The cabinet with an X will not be there.

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Final picture, I promise. This is from the dining room towards the garage/family room. So, from north to south. I asked for drawers on the cabinet next to the double ovens.

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With doors being a problem, why not do away with the slider and go with a single glass door? It'd give you more cabinet space.

With your cooktop all the way to the corner, you are losing the chance to use a lazy Susan or similar in that corner.

This is a small thing, but. Consider no-back stools at that eating bar. We once had a vacation rental in which the only workspace was a kitchen table with high backed chairs. It was awful reaching over those things. Your space will be much more usable if you can tuck the stools underneath.

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