Replacing A/C heating system advice needed

mpp798April 11, 2012

We have a 2500 sq ft two story home in Austin that is 18 years old with the original A/C and heating units for the downstairs and upstairs. Since we are empty nesters we rarely use the upstairs and either keep the a/c off in the summer or set 6 degrees higher than the downstairs. (downstairs set at 80)

Our downstairs trane unit needs to be replaced and we have gotten some quotes. We have had no problems with the upstairs unit. Two contractors recommended replacing both units at the same time because of their age. One recommended trane and the other recommended lenox. The third contractor recommended only replacing the downstairs unit until the upstairs unit goes out.

We don't really know what is best. Is it usually cheaper to replace both at the same time instead of later paying for the other unit? Also, in googling I can't find any information about whether trane or lenox is the best.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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While you don't specify mdl numbers for either quote, I see no reason to replace the upstairs system particularly since the upstairs is rarely used and system has been thoroughly checked, in good working order, and has a reasonable service history without any major issues.

Yes, you should expect to get a better overall deal by purchasing two systems rather than one system. However, a significant difference-rarely.

Make certain you compare warranty differences and dealer has a good reputation in your community.

Just for info, I prefer Trane and sister company, Am Standard.

Good Luck!

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