k2 sl1 k3 need help!

billy1919April 22, 2014

I am new to knitting and need help. I am working on a tote that works with 5 skeins. And the instructions says to knit 2 strands at one time. I am ok with that however the third row said to k2 sl1 k3 well I am working with 2 strands and have 42 sts on #13 needle. Well i did the 3 row and ready for the 4 however it says to do the previous sl sts then do purl the rest. I have 7 sl sts. on the needle. Do I slip the first 7 sts that I have done then start purling. I need help.

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As you go along in row 4, purl each stitch until you get to a slipped stitch, don't purl that one - slip it, then continue to purl to the next slipped stitch. So, you P3, sl 1, P2, repeat to the end.

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thanks alot this comment you gave opens a different angle than I was thinking.

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Billy, I'm new too, and although I really enjoy knitting, I am finding that each person writes patterns differently. I am so thankful for the experienced knitters that help!

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Some comments on the instructions for row 3 of the pattern...

Right above the row 1 instructions it says (multiple of 4 + 2 sts). This means that there are two stitches used for the selvage (edge), and the pattern itself is worked over 4 stitches. So, if you want the finished item to be wider, you cast on more multiples of 4 than you would if you want a smaller finished item. This is cool, because if you're using a different yarn (either heavier or lighter than the pattern calls for) or if your gauge is tighter or looser than the pattern recommends, you can easily adjust the size of the item with the number of multiples you cast on.

Okay.... The pattern says k2 *sl 1, k3, repeat from * to end. You say you have 42 stitches on the needle. This tells me you have the initial 2 selvage stitches followed by 10 multiples of 4 stitches.

You are supposed to slip 1 stitch in each of those multiples (*slip 1, knit 3, repeat from * to end). So you should have 10 slipped stitches, not 7.

The other thing I want to mention is that some patterns want that slipped stitches to be "slipped as if to knit" and other patterns want the slipped stitches to be "slipped as if to purl." Whether a stitch is slipped knitwise or purlwise will determine the slant/twist of the stitch and it can make a difference in how the finished pattern looks.

From the "Techniques" and "Abbreviations" that I can see at the bottom of the page, there isn't any guidance on whether slipped stitches should be slipped knitwise or purlwise. It's possible that the information is in that large pinkish area at the right-hand side of the right page. Or, it could be in general directions at the beginning or end of the book. Some "knitting authorities" say that unless the instructions state otherwise, the rule of thumb is to slip as if to purl.

Someday you may even knit from a pattern that says sl1 wyif. This means slip 1 with yarn in front. You bring the yarn forward as if you're going to purl the next stitch, but you slip it. The next stitch could be a knit stitch or it could be a purl stitch. Either way, having that yarn in front will create a "bar" across the bottom of the next stitch, which is part of the pattern. It's a pretty effect. You can click on the link below and see a cowl that uses "slip 1 with yarn in front" before purl stitches as well as before knit stitches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Purl Bee cowl

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Thanks for the tip in multiples and the other tip in tech. & Appre. That helps on my other pattern.

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You're welcome. Please post a picture of the tote once you've finished it. I'd love to see it.

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Lindsey just wanted to tell you that its going to take a week a two to get my materials to finish my tote. I am sort of cash now. But hopefully I will get getting it very soon.

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No problem, Billy, and no rush. It's just that we love seeing pictures of projects. In process, finished, whatever. :-)

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