Finished Adel Beech kitchen!

instrumentalitySeptember 4, 2012

Hello all -

We finally finished our Adel Beech kitchen in our new-to-us condo. We ripped out the old kitchen on June 26th and we broke in the new kitchen this past weekend. We designed the layout and picked all the finishes and fixtures ourselves, also assembled all the cabinets, installed doors/drawers/hardware, painted the backsplash, and finished the butcher block. Our contractor helped with most of the other stuff. It takes a LONG time to install all those IKEA drawers but it was worth it - the space is really functional and I'm really excited to be able to fit more than 2 people in our kitchen, as our kitchen in our last place was a tiny galley. Wanted to share the pics (before and after...the before pics make it look better/more functional than it actually looked, since they're the real estate listing pics...for some reason I didn't actually take my own!)

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This is the "before"

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Another "before"

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Looks so much better!! You must love it! We have those cabinets now, were in our house when we bought it 8 years ago and they have really held up well.

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