Were we cheated? Is this real quartzite?

Joe100September 2, 2013

Hey all,

I found this forum when doing some searches about my question. Seems like there are some serious stone gurus around here.

About a year ago we moved into a new house. My wife was quite specific about the fact that she wanted a white kitchen, and so we ended up going for some beautiful white quartzite. It cost a pretty penny.

Fast forward a year later. We have a few spots which seem somewhat etched, the counter feels different in those spots. And today I noticed that that edge of the counter by the sink was actually disintegrating!

I have read that quartzite is supposed to be very strong. Is it possible that we got gypped? How would I test it?

I have attached a pic. A few are of the disintegrated spot, the other is of the etched area. Here is the full album http://imgur.com/a/pzQbQ

Thanks for any and all advice and ideas.

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If you haven't already, I suggest posting this on the "Discussions" side of Kitchens. This is the "Gallery" side that's more for finished kitchens and the like. The Discussions side of Kitchens is for on-topic discussions concerning kitchen remodels - including questions about counter materials. You will most likely get many more responses over there.

Good luck!

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