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rwisniewApril 13, 2007


I always get the best advice/suggestions/ideas from you guys, so here are two things I want to run past you!

1) I made this speed ear flat hat (link below), I didn't like the Speed Hook S, so I used a P and it turned out pretty good. I loved the color combination and it was easier than I thought it would be to work with 4 strands of yarn. BUT, I didn't like the ear flaps being seperate pieces, too many ends to tuck under. Do you know of a pattern that is just all one piece?

2) Remember the Yellow Bubbles Baby Blanket thread? How do you think this combo of colors and yarn would work using that pattern?

thanks for any thoughts and input!

Sherri W.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lion Brand Speed hook Earflap hat

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It's a little hard to see the cap in detail. Do you mean you make the flaps and then sew them on? I haven't seen a pattern like this before

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No, you don't make them seperately (worded that wrong in first post), but you finish off the main part then start each flap itself, so you have so many ends to tuck in.........the more I keep looking at it the more I like it and think maybe the work is worth it, but would really like to find one that just starts at one end and finishes up at the other! :-) I don't like to experiment, but I might if no one knows of a pattern to follow! :-)

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I haven't used the speed hooks but I've made a few of these types of hats - here's the link to two. I like the Annie Modesitt Chullo hat and also the Mountain Hat. The mountain hat is easy but the chullo hat has character.

With both I have played around with hook sizes so I can use it for children, teens and adults. I have used some Red Heart Super Saver and also Homespun (nice & soft) - solids or ombres. They work up fast and everyone loves them.

Hope these help.

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thanks for the input all! Donna too! :-)

Sherri W.

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