Has anyone got a pattern for an Italien Ribbon scarf?

budsterApril 5, 2007

This is knit with large needles and produces an open mesh looking scarf. The yarn is the very thin open ribbon style (purchased at walmart I'm told). The scarf seems to be doubled and hangs long and narrow. For the lack of terms to describe it - if you doubled the net of a plastic onion bag then you would have just about have the pattern. Has anyone seen such a thing? I'm sorry to be so vague but I can't find the correct words to describe this scarf any better.

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I have no idea of what you are talking about. Is this yarn the ladder looking kind sold wrapped around a cardboard cuff? I would bet it would be easy to make by just knitting every row on large needles???

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When I've knitted with this yearn, I have used large needles (11US and up). I cast on 20 or so stitches and just knit the garter stitch for the entirety of the scarf. I think it would also work up nicely if you put in some long (double wrapped) stitches.

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Sheilajoyce, that is the yarn I am speaking of, whether it is easy to make is another thing. Somehow the scarf when you look at it does not seem to be a knit stitch. I see that tommeca has a suggestion to try (double wrapped stitches). This might be a project to get a ball and play around with on large needles. Someone suggested it might be knitted lengthwise vise widthwise...thank you for the suggestion of needle size tommeca. I see a few hours of research in my future. Thank you for your response.

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I've made a scarf out of ribbon yarn by using large needles (just swatch with sizes 11 thru 15 to see what looks best) and garter stitch. It's open and net-like but I don't understand how the scarf is "doubled" unless it was knit in the round in a tube like a sock. You can also get the same effect as double wrapped stitches by using "condo needles". If you have a set of interchangeable needles like the Boye or Denise, just attach 2 different sizes on each end, the size specified for the yarn and another much larger size, eg. 7 and 15. Just a warning about ribbon yarn - it may twist and can be frustrating.

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I have used this ladder "yarn" with eyelash for a pretty effect on a scarf. I used 15 or larger needles and straight black eyelash yarn. The ladder yarn had black in it and silvery grey and maybe a green, I think. But what I was going for was the little squares of bright shiney turquoise. It was ssssooooooo pretty-- as the black eyelashed would flutter in the breeze, the turquoise squares would glisten from beneath here and there. Really gorgeous.

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