Smaller home needs kitchen remodel/new layout

GradStudent4LifeSeptember 2, 2011

My husband and I are first time homebuyers and are in the process of purchasing a cute 1120 SF home. The kitchen is a bit outdated and we have a modest budget to remodel it - ideally we would keep costs about $7 - 8,000 - but the lower, the better in our case.

I can only post one photo, so I tried to use the one that best displayed what we're dealing with. On the left side of the photo, once the cabinets end there is roughly 7 ft of space before hitting sliding glass doors to the patio. To your right is also open, leading to the living area with a fireplace on the same wall as the sliding glass door. Ideally we'd like to open it up to the living area, while maximizing space (it really is a small space - so some creativity is needed). My idea is the space in front of the fireplace might be transformed into the dining area.

Any ideas for space-saving floorplans for this kitchen, that will open it up to the living space? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other ideas to keep costs low, such as how we can reuse materials, are also welcome.

We also need to know if we can remove the ugly drop ceiling in the kitchen - as far as I know, all that is there currently is the HVAC.

Thank you!

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A few things. First, you've asked for followups to be emailed to you by checking the box when you started this thread. However, you're probably not receiving emails b/c you don't have the email option turned on in your profile. See the "Read Me" thread for more information. Scroll down to the post with the subject "Getting Emails Sent To You...3-step Process".

Next, and more important, you will get more responses if you do two things:

(1) Post these questions on the "Discussions" side of Kitchens. This is the "Gallery" side that's more for finished kitchens and the like. The Discussions side of Kitchens is for on-topic discussions concerning kitchen remodels. You will most likely get many more responses over there.

(2) A measured, 2D layout is the best thing to provide when asking for detailed help, especially if you want advice on layout and you have a difficult or small space. See the "Layout Help" topic in the "Read Me" thread for more information. This layout (and any pictures) should be inside your message so they can be seen immediately w/o having to wander around on the web to see them. Again, see the "Read Me" thread, this time look for the "Posting Pictures" topic!

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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