Crochet - One loop or two?

BabkaApril 27, 2009

I've been crocheting since the 60's and the way I learned to work the first row after the foundation chain, was to go through TWO loops, the same way a single crochet stitch is done. This leaves an edge of single loops. I checked a couple of my old books and they show it this way. I have edging patterns that refer to doing something with the single loop row of the foundation chain.

The videos at show the hook only going thru ONE loop of the chain, not the top TWO loops.

Is there an advantage to it either way?


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In most cases, it is just a matter of preference. But some patterns will specify to go through either just the back loop or just the front loop. You will get a different look by doing either. If no preference is specified (and sometimes even when one is) I choose to go through both loops. Often, if you only go through only the front or back loops your piece will stretch too much and leave larger holes where you inserted the hook.

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Thanks, Donna, but my question probably wasn't very clear. I'm talking about just the first row that you work into the foundation chain of any pattern, whatever that pattern might be. The chain has 3 loops, I wish I could explain it better...


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I think it is just preference. I learned to just go thru one loop on the chain. i have done it both ways and does not seem to make much of a diffrence unless the pattern specificaly says one or both loops. I just recently came across a pattern that was required to go thru only one loop on the chain because instead of turning and starting a new row you crochet down the other side.

hope this helped

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Sorry. I misunderstood. For the foundation row, I have always gone through only the top/front loop. It's faster for me for sure.

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Thank you Ladybuglove. I'm currently crocheting with Bernat Bamboo yarn and it is lumpy, so it is difficult to find the loops in the foundation chain. When I saw the video on doing it differently from me, I wondered if just grabbing the top loop would be easier. I'll keep in mind that I can do it either way. It probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference for most items.


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Actually, the "proper" way is to make your first row of stitches in the *bottom* loop of the three that are in every chain, in the foundation chain.

This way the bottom edge of the piece will look the same as thew top edge of the piece. The two "top" loops look the same as the top of crochet stitches.

I know, it takes longer, but when I am crocheting something where it will show, I do it.

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I don't believe that any one way is the "proper" way, unless a pattern specifically says to do it a particular way. I agree, ofionnachta, that the way you suggest is a more uniform way to do it, but none of the patterns that show stitches before giving the pattern say that this is the way to do it. Again, it is all a matter of preference. I would never want to tell anyone that their preferred way is wrong.

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Every book about crochet that I have (and one dates back to 1959 from Coats and Clark) illustrates going under two threads. That's why I was surprised to see the video show going thru one loop.

Ofionnachta's explanation about uniformity makes sense to me. I'm guessing that it is assumed in most patterns that two loops will be used, so it is not noted in the instructions. I have some current baby bootie patterns that don't tell you how to work the chain, but they do refer later on to re-working that single loop that is left from the foundation chain.

No one is saying that one way or the other is wrong, but they are different and will give a different look to the finished project, and it is a good thing to be aware of when you begin a project. If you won't notice it, it won't make a difference.

Does anyone have any "How to" books that show using just one loop? All mine are pretty me. ;-)


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I guess I stand corrected - sort of. I am at work and don't have my crocheting with me, but I looked online at a tutorial. I can see that I do it as the tutorial shows. I go into one loop, but it is actually over 2 strands - what would be considered a loop if I crocheted into it from the backside as Ofionnachta explained. But going under it from the front side, I really wouldn't have called it a loop. Perception, I guess.

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I only go through one for the foundation row. I have tried to go through both but it's a struggle for me and can do it faster if I just go through one. Of course if the pattern says I have to go through both for the foundation row I do it. Mary

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