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donna_loomisApril 3, 2007

Like I don't have enough UFOs, my daughter requests a baby afghan for a friend of hers. Oh, and Mom, the shower is in a week (Mom still works full time). I had three baby afghans already done, but none of them was "PINK" enough. She's having a girl after having 3 boys. So I searched my stash and found some pink and a bit of variegated and made up one of my all-time favorite baby blanket patterns - the round ripple. I finished it just in time for the shower. Just thought I'd share with you all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bubblegum

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Donna, I love it. You have such an eye for the necessary detail to give this pattern oomph. I am going to make this pattern one of these days, and this gives me inspiration.

Right now I am trying to finish a slew of burp cloths for DD and for a friend's adopted grandbaby. I did not know of the adoption until it was a done deed, so I am playing catch up!!! His name is Noah; I am going to edge a Noah's ark print two sided flannel receiving blanket, make some colorful booties and edge a few burp cloths. Since he is a Texas baby, I am not going to make warm hats, afghans, or sweaters.

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Thanks, Sheila. Tell me, what do you use to edge the burp cloths? Thread? I've never seen them done. I'd love to see some pictures when you're finished.

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I don't have a digital camera. If DD brings hers, I will see if she can post for me.

I just use white or colored crochet cotton. You could use baby fingering yarn, but the crochet cotton is absorbent, so that is what I use. I have been making burp cloths about the size of a placemat out of left over flannel (two sides). Just recently I bought prefolded Gerber birdseye cloth diapers at Target. Some are printed, coming in a package of blue prints or a package of pink prints. I bought one of both and a package of white diapers too. I did not buy the thicker nighttime diapers. I figure at about $1 per white diaper and a tad more per printed diaper that I am not too far off the cost of flannel burp cloths, which cost more by my estimation, and I don't have to trim the diapers and sew them together first like the flannel. I have edged them using your suggestion of a blanket stitch in the crochet cotton as the first row, then a row of sc and then the pattern. Shells look nice (sc, skip 2sc, 5dc in next sc, skip 2 sc, sc in next sc-- or make a shell of 1dc, *sc, 1 dc and repeat from * 1 or 3 times) and other edges.

Recently, I have been making holes in the edges with a thick and sharp yarn needle, weaving the needle along the edge into about 6 or 8 evenly spaced holes, leaving the needle there, and one at a time exposing a hole into which I sc, ch 1 around the diaper with a size 4 steel hook.

Then usually I do 1 row of sc, followed by the edging design of choice, and voila. I wash the cloths before giving them away to remove the sizing, make them more absorbent, and soften up the crochet thread to make it look better. (If they get too wrinkled to please you, you could always iron them before giving them to the new mom.)

Hope this helps. Printed cloth diapers are a new product to me. Some gals sell diaper based burp cloths that they embellish with a length of printed cotton running down the center panel of the prefolded diaper and they charge a fortune for them. I like my homemade versions much better.

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I love the afghan. I generally stay away from "too pink" but this is nice. I also have a few upcoming baby events and checked my stash -- only one for a boy and I need that one in May. The other three are August & September. I have the round ripple in lilac and one of the Lion Brand hooded bobble blankets in pink. Need to get busy. So far no one else has indicated what the sex is - may not want to know so I'm thinking more neutral, yellow, green, etc. or perhaps a white round ripple waiting for the baby to make a color appropriate edging. One is a Floria baby so I need to work with a lighter weight, perhaps Bernat Baby coordinates.

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wow, that's lovely! A great pattern, beautifully executed, and all in a week -- kudos!! That little girl is going to have a wonderful keepsake when she gets older.

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