Michaels Finally Opened Here

mirrenApril 6, 2006

Well Michaels opened here yesterday. I was working all day so I could not go until today. But I was disappointed. It must be just me because I am not much of a crafter. I knit, crochet and sew a little but no other crafts or interest in doing any. The store is very large. There were fake flowers and leaves, wooden crafts, scrapbooking, lots of ribbon but no buttons and no trims for sewing. There didn't seem to be a lot of yarn, nothing on sale except for a round knitting loom $19.98 on sale for $10.00. It must be just me. It is more of a craft store than a yarn shop. They also had tee-shirts on sale for 4/$10.00. They were on $5.99 to start with so I thought the quality probably wasn't that great anyway. I better stop now. I sound cranky.

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give them some time to see what works in the local areas - but it will remain as mulit-purpose. Michaels is not close enough for me to go to on a regular basis - out of the way from everywhere I go (20 miles in the opposite direction) but when I visit my father-in-law, I visit a Michaels in NJ. They remind me of AC Moore which also has many crafts but each have a fairly large yarn section with good variety. Joanns is closest to my house so I go there more frequently and that is where I pick up the sewing notions. Their yarn collection is not as good but now is trying to be more competitive and recently expanded their selection. I buy yarn there only if it is on sale or if I have a coupon. Generally their yarn is more expensive. For instance the Bernat Baby Coordinates is $3.99/ 6oz in Joanns, $2.99 in Walmart at the other end of the shopping plaza (but I try NOT to shop in Walmart) and $2.69 in AC Moore 5 miles away. Even with a 40% off coupon, I hate buying it in Joanns unless I need it immediately. Try to coordinate my purchases to be at AC Moore since they all accept competitors coupons.

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Yes, they sell lots of crafting junk. Their yarn inventory varies from store to store. I cut out the Sunday paper's Michael's insert coupon for that week and pick up something at 40% off if I am in the shopping center area. Usually, it is just a skein of yarn for the 40% off. But I also have picked up pattern books and crochet or knitting equipment too.

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I have heard about that Sunday paper coupon before. I wonder if they will do that here in Nova Scotia. As a rule we don't get coupons for anything in the paper.

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Janey - formerly jane2

So you're in Nova Scotia, mirren?
Do you mean Michael's has opened in Clayton Park?
(I'm in Wolfville and haven't been in the city all that much lately, at least not with the time to dally on my way home.)

I am disappointed.
After first hearing the rumour that Michael's was going to open, some months ago - I had hoped it wasn't just going to be an American-style copy of Crafts Canada, which closed just before/after Christmas.
But from your description, that's just what it sounds like.

But thank you for telling us. I now won't have to make up an excuse to drive in to check out the place.
(For those readers not from Nova Scotia, that means a saving of a 140 mile round trip.)

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Hi Jane - yes it opened in Bayers Lake. It is in the same building as Old Navy and The Brick. I think you have described it well. I almost drove to Moncton before Christmas but I am glad I didn't. I don't mean to say there is nothing there. It's just that I am a knitter and a crocheter and sewer (a little of each) but I don't do scrapbooking, tole painting, flower arranging or any of the other crafts that they have. I am sure it is a great store for those people. They don't sell buttons or bias binding or any trim for sewing. Those were two things I was looking for.

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go to the Michaels website and sign up for their weekly ad. I haven't done this for Michaels but for AC Moore and there is always a coupon in the e-mail - I would assume Michaels is the same. Nice thing about that is that you can print out more than one for the week. Sometimes I make my husband go with me (or go in and out of the store twice) since you can only use one at a time.

A 140 mile round trip - with the price of gas sounds like mail order would be best but it is not the same as actually seeing the yarn. And I complained about a 40 mile round trip!

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Janey - formerly jane2

profsusan, I have frequent meetings in Halifax, with the volunteer organizations I belong to and the new Michaels store is "on the way". So stopping there would be a reward I could give myself. (But as I do not get anything for expenses - gas or otherwise - I may have to re-think my activities.)

mirren, I am directionally challenged. Please can you explain where the Michaels store is - in relation to standing in the doorway of Value Village and looking out toward the parking lot?
I did that today and couldn't see either Old Navy or The Brick. I saw what was probably the Chapters store a little to the right, across the parking lot AND the street, in the parking lot there. But it was just coming up to 4.30 so I didn't go over to look further.

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Hi Jane - Turn right out of the parking lot of Value Village. Then I think it is the first or second set of lights. It is past Chapters and Imax. Turn left at the lights. Home Sense is located at the lights on the left. Michaels is in past Home Sense and Linens N Things.

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Janey - formerly jane2

Thank you, mirren. I found it!
BTW, if "location, location, location" is the key - they haven't got it, tucked way back there where they are.
But I was slightly (and pleasantly) surprised - only probably because everything all looked so new, fresh and clean. Once it has been around for as long as Crafts Canada was, it will no doubt be a different story - IF it lasts that long.

You were quite correct, mirren. Their selection of yarns is not good. It reminded me of Zellers BEFORE they expanded their selection of yarn.
But if one is "needs" fun fur yarn, it's a great sale: Grand Opening sale - on until Saturday - is $2.99 for some/all of the fun fur yarn.
(And I was really quite tempted by the scissors in their opening sale.)

I met another browser in the yarn section who seemed quite knowledgable about prices. She pointed out a couple of acrylic yarns which were 20 to 50 cents cheaper than what she pays.

It's like profsusan said, guess we just have to give them some time to see what works in the area.

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