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jost_2010August 9, 2010

We recently got granite countertops installed and have some questions about cleaning and sealing. Our counters are Cleopatra - not a stone I had heard of before, but it's similar in color and pattern to what I've seen called Kashmir Gold. I've heard that the lighter the stone is in color, the less dense it is and the more it has to be sealed. Is that true? It was sealed by the fabricator but I can't seem to get a straight answer from the fabricator on how often I need to seal it and what I should use to clean it. In doing online research, I found lots of different answers on how often it needs to be sealed, and that I should use the same sealer used by the fabricator when I re-seal it - that it would be disastrous to use a different one. Does this make sense? As for cleaning, my research showed I should NOT use soap, but the fabricator said to just use soap and water. So I looked for granite cleaner and found lots of options, but some, like Tile Guard at Lowe's, says it should be used with Tile Guard sealer, so I'm concerned about using it. The fabricator said they used Tenex to seal our counter - should we see if they have a granite countertop cleaner as part of their product line? Where would I purchase Tenex sealer and cleaner?

I am so nervous about staining the granite - it was expensive! So I want to care for it in the right way. After having it for 6 days, I already think I see a spot that could be a greasestain...

Thank you!!!!

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Hi jost...

You need to post kitchen questions in the "discussion" forum...not here in the "gallery" section. You will get more responses.

click on "return to Kitchen Forums"...scroll into the big pink box that says Image Gallery...and then click on "Discussions". Post your question again there.

Hope that helps and good luck!


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