Help...i need TLC yarn....can you help me??

Karen_slApril 14, 2006

I am trying to locate 4 skeins of TLC Lustre yarn. It is 5017 Natural. Bought the last one that I could find last night.

If anyone knows where I could find some I would be foever grateful.

already checked E-bay...none this color available.

Thanks, Karen L

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Try the big online yarn companies--Hershners? Herschners? Smileys

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Check this link:

Here is a link that might be useful: yarn

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E-mail the company! They will either tell you where they shipped it to in your area, or possible even send or sell you some directly. I have complained to one of the yarn companies, can't remember which one, when my mother had a problem with a major differnce in yarn thickness in their line of yarn. They sent her, free, enough of all the yarn she had already purchased, to make another afghan!!! I used to have the phone numbers of the different companies. We have friends who are both disabled. He is in a wheel chair from MS and she is blind from a child hood accident. She knits beautifully! They had a hard time purchasing yarn. Where they could get yarn locally, either had a small supply, or he had a hard time even getting thru the isles with his wheelchair. She found that she liked the Dazzle yarn best. I can't remember who made it & don't even know if it's still made. Somewhere, they got a number for the company. They ordered directly quite often, and shared the number with me. They are very independant people and would seldom ask for help. They knew I would gladly buy all the yarn she wanted and deliver it, but wouldn't let me. Good luck in your search.


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Do you have an AC Moore or Joann's near you? They usually carry TLC.

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Please contact the company Coats & Clark Inc. Their web site is They have an excellent customer service department with the friendliest folks who will help you find the yarn you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coats & Clark

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Hobby Lobby also carries TLC yarns...Good luck with your project!!

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