Specific yarn needed

jewels_ksApril 4, 2007

I usually post at the KT, but my mom is needing some yarn so I thought I would check out this forum. There sure are some cute ideas on this forum. I am going to make sure my mom checks some of these out. She makes every grandchild a baby afghan. My niece is expecting her second baby in July. My mom has started an afghan and came to realize that this yarn is discontinued. She has found some of it on Ebay, but does not need the large lot that they are selling. She would be willing to buy anywhere from 1-3 skiens of the following:

Jamie Baby Yarn


Mint Print

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Did u try stores like Joann.

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In all honesty, she may not be able to find that small a quantity for sale. It's discontinued and only seems to appear on Ebay and Ebay stores and always in larger quanities. If it were me, I would buy the six skein bundle or whatever and use the leftover for another afghan when needed or some other project.

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well that sounds like an idea !

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I just happen to have ordered a bunch of mint print and would be more than happy to part with a couple! I have quite a large supply of baby yarns and you can reach me on ebay at gramma-rainbabe or grammascloset@twecwb.com. Any color I have is available in smaller bunches.

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