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dsf767July 7, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I have been browsing this forum for awhile.

A year ago my wife and I bought a condo with a very small 60's kitchen.

We are now in the process for a remodel. We got all the cabinets up and waiting on the counter tops to get installed.

Our kitchen was the standard 1 wall design and we changed it into an L shape design for added cabinet and counter space.

We are also taking making on wall into a pony wall and adding a breakfast bar to open it up a bit.

Now our dilemma with the breakfast bar is have it only on the pony wall on continue it along the part of the wall that is going to be the full wall.

The overhang of the breakfast bar is going to be 14.5 inches so if I continued it along the full wall that part of the breakfast bar it would only be 14.5 inchs rather then the full 22 inchs (14.5 inch overhang, 5 inches pony wall, 2 inch overhand into kitchen)

Here is a quick picture I drew up to describe it:

The red is the breakfast bar only on the pony wall and the yellow is if I were to continue it along the full wall. Also if you were sitting there you would be looking at the full wall and not into the kitchen.

If someone has some pictures of a continued breakfast bar that would be great to.

Thanks for the help!

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