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Babka NorCal 9bApril 26, 2009

In a different message, Crochetmama asked how to post a photo in a message. I answered there, but so that more people could see it, I'm starting a new thread here.

Posting photos is easier than crocheting!!! Are you familiar with copy and paste? That is all it really is. You need to have the photo on the internet somewhere, then you copy it and paste it to the forum.

Go to and set up your own account. It is free. There are other photo places too if you go searching.

Then upload your photos(they give you instructions). They even will allow you to re-size them in case they are too big (megabite-wise) to easily load on computers.

Once you have the photo there, you put your mouse on the photo and options appear below it. Left click on "HTML" and a little word "copied" will appear.

Then go to the crochet forum and type your message. Hit enter a couple times to give a little space between what you are writing and the photo you will be placing.

Right click where your cursor appears and then left click the word paste. Voila! You should see a few lines of code.

Then preview your message. If YOU can see the photo, everyone else will too. If you don't, you messed up somewhere and need to try it again. Just don't hit the "submit message" until you get it right. No one else will see your mistakes while you are practicing with previews.

Try it and see.



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Great that you posted this. I knew how to do this but some people don't. I prefer webshots as photobucket gives me fits and doesn't like me. Also if you move the photo to another album then the link will de bead and the photo won't show up. Mary

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I'm glad you posted this because maybe now more people will take pix of their work to share.

That said--when I use photobucket and click on the HTML for the photo, it highlights the HTML but does not copy it. I have to do Control C myself.

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