What's the secret?

Carol_AnnApril 18, 2007

Many times I've watched someone reach into the end of a skein of yarn and pull out the loose end... but most of the time when I do that, I only come out with a tangled mess. What's the secret to getting that free end out of the end of the skein of yarn so my skein doesn't bounce all over while I'm knitting? There must be something I'm missing... thanks for any help!!

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luck? I have that problem too... I have tried giving the string a little tug, if it comes right out, it's the right end, if it doesn't, then it's not the end string.

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To start, check to make sure there isn't an outside tail stuck inside. If there is, pull it out (this is the end of the outside). Now, FROM THE OTHER END OF THE SKEIN, stick 2 fingers in and wiggle them around a bit, to loosen the yarn, and to hopefully find the end. If you don't find the end, at least when you pull out what you find, it usually isn't a huge wad of yarn. Good luck, even this method isn't fool-proof!


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Ah... thanks, Tami! Sounds like it's part technique, and part luck, like heathen said :) I'll use that on my next skein and see what happens!

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another clue - you should be able to read the label and that would mean pulling the end from the right side. However, most times this works but there are times that it also delivers a tangle.

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Or, only buy the skeins that have the cut end poking out from the center interior. That's the only sure way for an easy access.

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I remember a previous thread on this subject too, maybe started by me! :-) and someone , probably Tami, said to just pull reach in and pull the core out, now I do that, but once it starts coming, I fiddle with the middle yarns and keep trying to pull just the center...hard to explain but you'll get it.

another person on here said many people just use the outside thread too...but I have had good luck just digging around the inside, sometimes a lot of the center comes out but i use it up quickly, then it all flows pretty nice....

Sherri W.

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Thanks for all the tips -- I'll keep them all in mind!
I guess the real secret is patience :) And sorry I didn't thank y'all sooner; I've been out of town for several days...

Happy knitting!

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The nap of the yarn should be checked first to determine which way to work with the yarn - from the outside in, or the inside out. Most "regular" yarns have a nap (novelty yarns are in a class of their own). Pull the yarn through your fingers and if it drags, try pulling it through the other direction to determine which way has the least amount of drag through your fingers. That will determine if it's appropriate to use the yarn from the inside out, instead of the outside in.


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more good information -- thanks!!

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If you are using caron simply soft read the label as it states from the left hand side or something. First time I used it I didn't know that and messed up 3 skeins of it. Wrote to caron and they gave me three free skeins as replacement for my trouble so was thrilled with them. Mary

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Mary, it seems Red Heart has this on the label just like the Caron does, duh. I'm finishing up an afghan for DD and starting one for myself and I just noticed the on the labels!


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