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mommytomanyApril 25, 2008

I recently found a pattern (see following link) that my daughter loves. She wants me to knit this for her for her 5th grade graduation in early June. Does anyone have any knowledge that could assist me with down sizing this dress? I have no clue how to even start with it. I know I can use smaller needles but I'm not sure that would really be enough.

Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: a-line dress

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For what it's worth my advice would be to find something cute to knit for her in a child's or young teen's pattern book. It isn't just a matter of knitting this dress you found in a smaller size. This pattern is designed for a woman's figure with the bust and hips sized for a woman. Knitting the entire dress smaller is not going to allow for the other design changes this dress would need to fit a child's figure.

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I agree with Patty.


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I kinda thought the same thing about the bust and hips and I explained to her that it wouldn't look the same on her because she hadn't gotten her womanly shape yet so I spent all day yesterday searching for a dress that she may find equally beautiful but I really didn't have a lot of luck. There were several cute little numbers on but again I run into the same problem with having to resize the garment. Some designs looked simple enough that I may have been able to do something with it but I just don't know.
Does anyone know where to find a dress that just as pretty for a pre-teen?

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Why don't you find a basic sweater top that she likes and just add a skirt to it?


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the Standard Body Measurements/Sizing charts on the attached link may be useful to you regarding resizing anything. I don't really knit (at least not enough to make a dress) but look at some of these on the Knitting Pattern Central site and perhaps something in a small size could work - the children's clothing is probably too small but there are some dresses there also

Here is a link that might be useful: Standard Body Measurements/Sizing

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Early June can be rather warm, depending on where you live. I would get her to pick a nice dress that is suitable for warm weather. When my DD got to that tween stage, I often shopped at stores that provide low priced and mostly teen choices where they cut corners so much in manufacturing that they tend to make the clothes a little smaller and so I could get a better fit for her.

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