5 hour plane trip--toy suggestions for 17 month old?

sheilajoyce_gwApril 2, 2008

DD will join us with her 17 month old son for a coast to coast flight to NYC to see her brother graduate. DH, DS#1 and I will also be on the trip. She asked me what to buy to have as entertaining toys to keep him happy in flight. I had no idea, but said it ought to be toys completely new to him so he won't get bored quickly.

What do you experts suggest? I know so little of what is out there in toy stores these days. It will have to be small enough to carry onboard. He is too young for crayons, etc. We figure we will be buying several toys as he bores quickly and goes on to the next toy.

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Sorry, I meant to post this on the Kitchen Table forum.

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When my girls were young, we took them on nine hour car trips to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I packed a bag for each, with small toys from the dollar store and snacks. Candy, gum, anything they might like. Small stuffed toys, dolls, animal crackers,camdy necklaces, anything that might appeal to them. Half the fun was assembling these "goodie bags", the other half was them discovering all the toys and snacks.

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