new Trane xr15 bad loud noisey needs repair

JT12345April 12, 2011

My Trane XR15 makes a weird metallic sound from the compressor. The XR13 and XR14s that my neighbors have don't. Sansone the installer does not return my calls and neither does Trane. It is outside my son's room and he does not like sleeping there. It is a high pitch annoying sound coming from the new unit. It is not the loudness. It is the type and frequency of the sound that is unacceptable.

Stay away from Trane. Stay away from Sansone. Had another tech look at it and says the compressor should be replaced or at least vaccummed and recharged.

No return calls from Trane or Sansone yet. It has been over a month now and i might have to take them to court. They suck. If i do I will post it on youtube. There is a youtube video of the xr15 with this sound and they think it is fine while their other units r a low hum.

My new XR15 sounds like a worn out 12 year old unit.

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when you touch the unit does the sound go away? Sometimes a loose screw on an outside guard might create a vigration and make noise. I had a small but significant noise on my new unit. When I touched a certain area the noise went away. I then tightened the screws in that area some and never had a problem again.

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It is from the compressor. The installed tech and another companies tech said the same thing. Case and fan r fine. What is heatload?

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