Circular knitting needles

dotmomApril 4, 2009

I've knitted for many, many years and have a complete set of single point needles. It seems like every pattern I get for hats call for the circular needles. I have bought one, but just don't like it, besides, if I went into using them I would have to buy all of the different sizes. i just adapt the pattern to my straight needles and seam up the back.

Do any of you like the circular needles? and if not do you adapt the patterns to use the straight ones?


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Circular needles are all I use now. I use them just like straights. My wrists would hurt terribly when I used straights and put knitting down for about 10 years. When I decided to try knitting again about 5 years ago, I tried the circulars and never went back to the straight needles. I gave them all away. I don't have problems with my wrists anymore. I believe it was from the weight of the item pulling down on the straights that hurt my wrist. I also detest sewing up items and adapt patterns to knitting in the round, when I can.


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Hi, Dottie,

I agree with Rebecca. If you're making something wide, like a baby blanket or afghan, and you try to do it on straight needles, you'll end up abandoning the project because it will (literally) be such a pain to try to hold the needles up.

Some patterns call for circular needles because of the width of the project, but other projects truly need to be knit in the round. I've never attempted to knit in the round using straight needles so I can't accurately say how it would be, but I can't imagine that it would be much fun at all.

I highly recommend the Harmony Wood Options set from Knit Picks. It's $75 for the set, but you'll get everything you need -- needle tips in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, and 11; four cables (two each in 32" and 24"); end caps (so you can take the needle tips off one cable to use on another, while keeping the stitches from coming off the end of the cable); and a clear vinyl zippered case in which to keep everything. You can also, if/when necessary, add to the set with needle tips in sizes 10.75, 13, 15, and 17; and with cables in 40", 47" and 60" lengths (you always receive a set of two of the cables in whatever size you order).

And, you can always put one of the end caps at one end of a cable and a needle tip on the other, to make a really long "straight needle," if you really, really, want "straight needle knitting" on a wide project. Hmmm... maybe that's why you always get two of each size cable - so you can make a pair of long "straight needles." LOL!

Knit Picks also has quite a few free knitting patterns, including some nice hats. :-)

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I absolutely LOVE circular needles and are about all I use, for several need to pearl is ALWAYS a good thing, and never having to sew a sweater together is even better! If you look on ebay you should be able to find a complete set of bamboo circular needles for very little money. My husband got me a set of Denise needles...with them you can exchange the size tips along with the length of the cord. I know others prefer other brands, but I sure like my Denise

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Dottie, you can also use double pointed needles. But do try a circular needle. You might like them.

I have the Harmony circulars from KnitPics, and they are wonderful.

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In a way I'm the opposite of you...I've decided I don't like straight needles, I much prefer circular, and bamboo are my favorite. I have plastic, but have decided I like the bamboo. If your comfortable with straight keep using them, but if you have a chance to give circulars a try a few more times, I say go for it, you may fall in love with them.


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I have so many sets of knitting needles, I can teach a group to knit, and they don't need to buy to start out with. ;)

By far, I prefer circular. You can knit with LOTS of stitches, as well as with only a few.

I prefer to knit circular, instead of sewing seams. I tend to change patterns for this.


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I have different kinds of circular needles and LOVE my Addi's the best.

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