Help. Oil stain on new marble countertop!

petuniatwelveJuly 21, 2012

Hi all, our Valley gold vein honed marble countertops were just installed a week ago. The installer said he was using SB Professional sealer and left enough for us to give them a second coat. Water seems to bead up but it always leaves a watermark. The mark will fade, but now we are seeing a few oil spots. Can you advise me on two points please? How to remove the oil spots? And, can I reseal with 511 now?

Thanks so much!

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I would remove the spots first or you will seal them in. First off don't panic; there are several solutions. You can by oil remover made for counters. Or mix baking soda and water into paste, put on the spots, put cling wrap over them and leave over night. Next morning clean up with dishsoap and water, repeat if nessiary.

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