So is Grey the new Beige?

Lee333July 17, 2013

I am getting ready to paint my entire house - a massive project.

I carefully selected beiges but lately I have been seeing a lot of gray.

I am aiming for as classic a look as I am sure I will live with it for many years.

So for the most classic look going forward - beige scheme or gray?

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I'm a huge fan of grays. You see it in many Swedish inspired homes and it works well with many brick or stone exteriors as an accent for shutters and such. I don't see the COLD gray of the 60's being used.. but a much warmer, river rock type of gray.

All that being said.. certain beige colors are indispensable if a home is dark naturally.
I'm a Realtor, and we stage all of our listings. My back ground is design.. so I do have many ' tried and true ' colors we use for resale. Can't tell you how often I get asked for the names of the paint colors.. !

NOTE: Which way a room/ house faces is how I typically choose where to go color wise. The beiges I use are not as gold / yellow in base tone.

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