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profsusanApril 24, 2008

After seeing Donna's new posting, I figured I'd upload some baby sweaters I've just finished. Here are four of the six (the others were the one stitch in Simply Soft light blue and grape) I've done in the past month. Used the one stitch crochet pattern I bought at Lion Brand and the light green and "nemo" sweater were from a pattern I found online. The "nemo" sweater is for the baby sister of the owner of the "nemo" blanket I made a few years ago. I am currently working on an afghan with the U Michigan logo in tunisian crochet - progress is so much slower but I'll share when completed.

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profsusan, You've been a busy beaver! Adorable sweater sets. I love Elmo. Such talent. I only wish I could crochet better!! Thanks for sharing.


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Great pictures, Susan. They're all beautiful. I especially like the Elmo one. Lucky little girl!

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Those are wonderful. The little hats are so cute! Thanks for posting the pics.

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4 of 6 done in a month! WOW. Very nice work! I like them all. The Elmo one is cute and those green nemos are darling. Great work!

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profsusan,How do you crochet the elmo?I have tried to do this but the yarn is never in the right place on the next row.

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I just follow the graph - I use single crochet so that the lines are reasonably close. If you did the afghan stitch it would be much neater but I find there is less flexibility with that stitch in a sweater. Even with the ragedy edges, everyone knows that's Elmo so no real complaints.

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What does it look like on the inside?Are there a lot of ends to work in? Do you know of a book that explains this in more detail?As you might have figured out, I just don't get it?

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I posted the wrongside on another discussion here so I posted the link. I work in the ends as I go along so there is little left to weave in at the end. I don't know about any books but look around your home area for an experienced knitter or crocheter - I am sure someone has used graphs along the way

Here is a link that might be useful: Front & Back

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