Hi I'm new....

stitchinglaineyApril 4, 2007

Wow I am so glad to have found this forum. My name is Elaine I am from Jedburgh, Scotland and love knitting, crochet and paper crafts.

I have been trailing the net trying to find patterns for "Lollipop Lane" dolls and can't seem to find them anywhere. Can some kind person possibly help.

Many thanks.



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Sorry that I can't help with the patterns you're looking for Elaine, but I wanted to say, "Welcome!"

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I'm new to knitting, too, or at least new again after a several-year break. Welcome! The people here are great, very friendly and helpful and supportive, so you've found the right spot!

I don't know anything about the Lollipop lane dolls but I came up with the following links, I know you're in Scotland so maybe this won't help but maybe they will.....



also, it looks like they're available on ebay.com.

Very cute dolls -- I can see why you want the patterns!

Again, welcome!

Carol Ann

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Thank you so much for your welcome and the links. I've just won 6 patterns on ebay uk. I am so pleased as most of the crochet and paper crafts I do I sell on behalf of the MS trust. Can't wait for the patterns to arrive and get started.

Thanks again.


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I would love to have the lollipop lane kids patterns. my email is kellie29945@yahoo.com if anyone has them. thank you

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If everyone is talking about the dumpling dolls from lollipop lane-then contact me at lkisser@comcast.net I have a lot of them that a friend has shared with me. the first letter in the e-mail is an L not a 1

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