Refrigerated Pizza Dough

countrygal_905April 26, 2012

I usually make my pizza dough just before making pizza. I want to make the dough on Saturday to use on Sunday. How long should I let it set out before using it? Thanks.

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I find, with refrigerated dough, it takes about 1-1.5 hours to come to room temperature, and then you have to add the regular rising time (another hour or so).

May I make a suggestion? On Saturday, make your dough, letting it rise as the recipe states, shape, (rise) and bake it so it's cooked, but still very light. Let cool completely, and store in a sealed plastic bag. That will give you a couple of advantages--you won't have to worry about how long to get it out on Sunday, it will be of better quality (I'm never as pleased with refrigerated dough as dough that's made and baked), and it will save you work and time on Sunday. Just use it as you would if you bought a pre-baked shell.

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Countrygal, I actually have to disagree with Azzalea. Your crust will be that much better, more developed flavour and improved texture if given a longer cold fermentation.

I'd make the dough as early as possible on Saturday (Thursday or Friday would be okay too).

After the first rise, knock it down, cover and refrigerate. Make sure you use a big enough container because the dough will continue to rise. You might have to knock it down more than once.

I find that it takes two to three hours sometimes for the dough to come to room temperature and start to rise again.

Of course this probably depends on the amount of dough. I took a double batch of dough (over 8 cups flour) that I made Monday out of the fridge in stages yesterday - three hours apart. The first batch netted two loaves of bread and a pizza which we had for lunch. And the second batch three loaves.

I make bread most weeks and often plan to bake a pizza intentionally with dough that was made 3 to 5 days earlier.

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Does the recipe make a difference on which works best and how soon to make the dough ahead?

Here is the recipe I usually use.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cup white flour
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 Tbsp. yeast
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup hot water
2 Tbsp. oil

I always double this recipe to make 2 crusts, but will need to make 2 double batches this time.

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Nope....your recipe will be fine with what Ann said.

when I make pizza from dough that has been refrigerated, I like to take it right from the refrigerator and roll it out while it's still cold. It doesn't snap back at you that way, and working the dough warms it a bit and rolled out it also warms faster.
After I roll it out I brush or rub on a little olive oil...give it about1 0 minutes while I slice the onions and mushrooms, ladle on the sauce, add the toppings and into the oven. With the oven spring, it's perfect.
Linda C

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Thanks everyone for your help. Linda, I think I'm going to try rolling it out cold like you suggested.

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