If you have a retail business, what POS software do you use?

marti8aAugust 12, 2014

Dh has been springing all this stuff on me and now he says we need to have a space in a store front (will lease the space in some else's store), and we need to have our own computer and software for checking out and inventory.

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I would be curious as to what others are using as well. I have a storefront (for the last 7 yrs) and we still don't use a POS system, just Quickbooks and we write up receipts by hand. It's a pain to enter later into Quickbooks, but we don't sell large amounts of items at one time (well, I wish we did!).

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Thanks Sally. That's what we've been doing up to this point and I didn't see any need to change even with a store front, and we'll only be leasing shelf space in another store for now. I told dh I didn't think we needed to do any more than a credit card reader like paypal, but he thinks it would be too inconvenient for the store owner who will be handling the transactions. I doubt we will even have 5 store sales a week for a while.

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