Delay in Cambria countertops?

lbrigsJune 4, 2013

Today our kitchen was demolished for remodel. We are ordering Praa Sands Cambria countertops, or should I say our contractor is going to order them, but we were just told that it will not arrive until mid-August! Does anyone know about this delay? I'm not sure if it's only Praa Sands or all of Cambria. Something about a large industrial order, but does that mean everyone else has to wait that long for their countertops? Also, does anyone know of any countertop that looks similar to Praa Sands? We may need to chose another countertop, but that's a whole other story....all other tiles/cabinets have been ordered!

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beachlily z9a

Last week I talked with the shop I used for Praa Sands. They told me that right now the wait goes to Oct/Nov. Cambria is having problems keeping up with demand and having problems with getting the colors they use in their fancier countertops.

Good luck!

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There areMANY other options than Cambria. Find a fabricator with a broad range of quartz and natural stone options. You will almost certainly find an alternate that is both less expensive and more attractive. Cambria still has issues with "resin blobs" in their colors that are very unattractive but not considered a defect bycambria

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I am also looking to do a Cambria White Cliff Countertop, and the KD told me that this is backordered until mid-September (initally she said end of August, but I guess it moved)

Ibrigs - did you end up choosing something else?

beachlily - I got scared when I read that the wait is Oct/Nov. If this is the case with all Cambria, I don't think we can wait this long so I will have to be picking something else too!

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Just an update on Cambria - they found 3 slabs for us in LA, so we didn't have to wait until now for it. Although I love the Praa Sands, there was definite variation in the slabs. I wish I'd looked at them before they were fabricated. I maybe could have suggested which slab to use for the kitchen area and/or the desk area. My bad. I think granite would have been our next choice. But, I am really happy with the Praa Sands. My advice would be whatever you end up with, check out the slabs first!

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