Help with round or pinwheel baby blanket

patti55sApril 3, 2008


I have been searching the internet for help with a round or pinwheel baby blanket pattern I found on the web. It was off the website I have knit socks and sweaters and for the life of me can't seem to understand this pattern. I get the casting on 5 and knit round and the make 1 stitch in each stitch but then it jumps to round 5. What do you do for round 3, 4 ? I have tried it doing just as pattern states and when I do round 5 I end up with only 17 stitches not 20. If anyone could explain this pattern any better or send me a link to another knit round afghan I would appreciate it. I am having twin granddaughters this summer and want to make them a matching round blankets.

Thanks in advance for your time


p.s. I tried to email the site or and it was returned to my email.

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Patti, it's just a misprint. Round 5 really is row 3, and so on. If you start with 5 cast on stitches and knit them, then on the next row knit one, yarn over with each stitch, you will have 10 stitches. Each row you will have one more knit stitch between yarn overs. You are increasing 10 stitches per row. Not sure how you could end up with 17 stitches.

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I am so glad it is a misprint but I am doing mine on double pointed needles and I can get to 10 stitches by making a stitch within a stitch but when I go to the next round which is k1 yo I guess I lose a yo when going from one needle to the next?? Should I be doing this on circulars?? I really appreciate your quick response and help.
One other question it tell me to continue this pattern of adding a stitch in each section-there are 10 sections, 10 more stitches. This just means by continuing the pattern the diameter gets as large as I would like it?
It is so frustrating when you know how to do all the stitches but just don't understand patterns!
Thanks for you patience with me.

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Patti, I would do it on circulars instead of double points. Besides, as the blanket gets larger, your double points are not going to be large enough. Have you ever done the magic loop method of knitting socks? What I would do, maybe start it on dbl pts, then switch to circulars, but most likely I would just start with the circulars and pull out a loop of the cable in the middle of the piece, as you do with the magic loop method. I am not explaining this well this morning for some reason, so I hope you already know how to do it. There is a web site with the instructions on it, but I'm not sure what it is. You might do a search for a post on it here. I'm sure it has been discussed and linked.


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Patti, Tami is right. You will eventually have to change to circulars anyway. You can use the magic loop, as she suggested, or just use two circulars, whichever works for you.

And yes, you can just keep increasing one stitch in each section until you reach the size you want.

Here is a link to videos for doing both.

Here is a link that might be useful: circular knitting

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Thanks Tami, I just did a search and found a site called Knitting and they actually have a video showing you how to do it. I had never heard of that before and am going to give it a shot. I will post to let ya know if I am sucessful. Wish me luck!

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Hi Tami,
Just to let you know I got it started doing the double circular needles however I ripped it out for it seemed to be getting taunt doing it on the two needles after about three inches. I guess the question is can you do this pattern on one set of circulars after you get it started?? I feel so blank when it comes to this pattern, thanks for your help. It is just one of those things that I want to do and will bug me until I do. I am sure you know what I mean.......
Have a good day, Patti

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Thanks for this pattern....I like mindless knitting in the car and this looks to fit the lace weight it'd make a nice shawl, folded, with some pretty knitted lace edging. I've saved it, with the corrections, in my 'to do' folder!

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Hi to all
I have spent three days trying to get this pattern started and I don't know if it is the instructions that are mixed up or what but I just can't get it started. I am still trying but getting very frustrated. Guess I need better instructions. If anyone out there has a pattern for a circular Round/pinwheel knit baby blanket I would love to have it. My email is Thanks and have a great day!

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Donna....I looked at this pattern, and is this what you're saying? The pattern is worked over 8 rounds, rather than 10?...because what they call the 5th row should really be the 3rd, so we end up with 8 rounds rather than 10? That's the way I'm reading the pattern (which jumps from row 2 to row 5) should read like this?

Cast on 5 stitches,
knit around (rnd 1). Place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.

(Rnd 2), make 1 stitch in each stitch (10 stitches).

Round 3: *k1, yo* around to marker. (20 stitches).

Round 4: knit

Round 5: *k2, yo* around to marker.

Round 6: knit

Round 7: *k3, yo* around to marker.

Round 8: knit

Continue this pattern of adding a stitch in each section- When needed, switch from using the double points to a circular needle.

When the blanket has reached the desired diameter, cast/bind off. Now your blanket is complete, unless you want to embellish it with an edging.

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I've used this pattern to make a blanket. I just multiplied everything by 5 so instead of 8" across it became 40".
I also really liked the edging.

Here is a link that might be useful: round knit (pinwheel)

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