Need help with pattern directions

Vickey__MNApril 3, 2008

I need some clarification with this pattern directions. I don't want to have to cast on 541 stitches again!!

WAVE Pattern

Row 1: Blah Blah Blah (I understand this part)

Row 2: Knit

Row 3: Knit

Row 4 Purl

Line by line instructions:

Row 1: wowrk 15 waves, knit one on center, work 15 waves

Row 2: Knit all stitches

Row 3: Blah Blah Blah (I understand those directions)

So my question is...For the row it actually 4 rows make up row one, or only one?...I'll attach the actual pattern to help this make more sense.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Wave Shawl

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Vickey, one row is one row. The first set of instructions is a row by row of just one wave. The second set is a row by row of the entire piece. The only real difference between the two is that the second set takes into account what to do in the middle to make the angle. It could probably have been worded differently, maybe for row 1 it might have said: *(k2tog) 3 times, (k1,yo) 6 times, (k2tog) 3 times*, repeat between * * 15 times, knit one (center stitch), **(ssk) 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, (ssk) 3 times**, repeat between ** ** 15 times.

I know that's pretty wordy, but read over it and tell me if that makes a bit of sense.

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That is a gorgeous shaw! I have made a couple of scarves with that pattern. I like the peacock plum cardigan too that is on the website. The yarn is a great price too.


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