Crochet a tree cozy

oceannaApril 29, 2008

Bet this is one you haven't tried!

I found these pictures on the web and thought you'd get a chuckle out of them. I doubt sincerely this hurt the tree a bit. This was done by artist Carol Hummel...

Okay, so which of you is going to be the first to try this on your block?

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Now I tea cozy I could understand. I think this is someone with too much time on her hands who loves needlework. She should try making a lap robe for someone in a veterans' hospital or a blanket for the homeless.

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It's kind of cool looking, though, don't you think? I'll bet a lot of folks slam on their brakes to look at it. In fact, if you wanted traffic to slow down around your house because of kids playing, this would be a great way to accomplish it.

But yes, a blanket for someone in need would be good.

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Just wondering if they actually worked on it as they went (sitting/climbing the tree......and working around the limbs as they went...? HUH?....) OR got a ladder and went up after they crocheted a few pieces and stitched them together around the limbs....baaaaawaaaaaaaalol) my opinion.....a baby blanket or lap blanket for someone in need would definitely have been a better choice....besides...the birds will probably poop all over it. I also wonder if it could be used as a squirrel repellent...that rascal probably wouldn't be able to climb up that without getting its toenails stuck in the yarn.
Yep....someone with too much time on their hands that needs to put it to some more useful or charitable use. (and I'm thinking if you used glow in the dark yarn......what it would look like to aliens)

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It's not something I would do, but it's artistic expression. Surely there is room in the world for that too?

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I think it is absolutely STUNNING! There are pleanty of people who are making boring ol blankets for charities. This is an artistic reach out to nature. Its breath-taking in every way.

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Babka NorCal 9b

What a fun, happy project! I'm sure it brings a lot of joy to everyone who sees it.


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