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mystic_2008April 19, 2009

I have never crochet anything at all, and I decided to try my hand at crochetting a bed spread. The main pattern is done with the afghan stitch. It is not difficult to do, but my question is, when you are doing it should the horizontal lines go straight across or are they on a slant. Mine seems to be on a slant, but I did notice in a "learn how book" that they were all going straight across. Can someone please help me. Thank you

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I've never done the afghan stitch it always looked too hard congrats on starting to crochet. I hope someone can help you

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I'm sorry you haven't gotten help here. I do not know the answer to your question, but for a new crocheter to start with a huge project like a bedspread is not an easy assignment. Could you start a small practice piece, working it until you feel you have the stitch properly done?

As a person learns to crochet or knit, their stitching changes as they become more comfortable with the work. Also the tension changes. So the stitches at the beginning of the bedspread will not look quite the same as at the end of this project. Just a thought...

Also, I don't know how it should look, but how does it look on the picture on yur pattern?

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Actually the pattern is done in strips of about 24 stitches, so it is just like a practice piece. Thanks anyway.......Mystic

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How's it going?

There are other forums on the internet at which you may find help. knittinghelp.com has active forums, and one is for crochet. Check it out.

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Why not tell us what the pattern is called or the name of the kit etc
Sounds like it might be a "mile-a-minute" type where you do strips then join them.
I'd like to know what it is maybe I can look it up on the net.

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the afghan stitch also known as tunisian crochet is not the easiest first project. I have been crocheting for over 30 years and just tackled one of these projects last year - was motivated to make a special afghan.

Yes, the stitches should be straight. This comes with practice. I've added a link to some good short videos about the various tunisian stitches. Most people just use the simple stitch, knit or purl unless you have special projects.

Keep practicing and it will get straighter. I also suggest you count your stitches every few rows since it is also easy to lose a stitch.

Welcome to the club!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tunisian Tutorials

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Thank you very much Profsusan for your really great advice. I went to the site you had suggested "Tunisian Tutorials" and saw what I am doing wrong. Instead of leaving all the stitches on the needle as you go across, I was taking them all off one by one, and then when I got to the end of the row, turn the work. That is why my work was not straight. So thank you once again. I have saved that site to my favorites. Mystic_2008

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Oh my I have been at this 3 years and have not attempted the afgthan stitch so cudos to your for knowing nothing and diving right in, can't wait to see your finish. Mary

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Someone gave me a darling tunisian baby afghan over 30 years ago. I still have it and love it and use it for my grandson now. Some day I am going to try the afghan stitch, and I recently saw a needle, only one, in the store and bought it with no pattern in mind. Now I have to find a pattern I really want to make. I will come upon one some day.

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Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I gives me something now to carry on and know that I am not really all that clueless. So thank you.

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I know this post is getting a little old, but were you able to work out your issues? I am learning how to do this stitch and I really like it. My problem is end of row and which stitch do you go through, but that is my problem in every crochet project. I am going to check out the link above. For everyone who is hesitant about trying this stitch go to youtube. There is a wonderful tutorial for this stitch. My problem is that it doesn't go past the first row.

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Those are exactly my issues with crocheting...the end of a row and turning I always end up with the wrong amount of stiches..usually short..ends never look right ...so I just go back to knitting. Glad I am not alone.

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You know I was curious about this post re; tunisian afghan stitch... Had to see what it is all about.. watched several videos on youtube...very instructive . Tried it out and I have to admit I do like it.


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Gemini, the solution to your problem of short stitches in a crocheted row is simple. You have to count the stitches as you make them. It is real easy to skip that last stitch in each row and end up with a mess. Beginners just don't understand the importance of counting every stitch in crochet.

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Yes count count count and use your stitch markers, will help greatly. I started crochet 5yrs. ago and I still count and use my stitch markers. Good for you, I could have never attemped to start with the afghan stitch and still have not tried it. I had to start with learning regular crochet stitches and doing swatches of them. Mary!

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