looking for bassinette purse and Samantha

tajmApril 11, 2008

Just wondering if someone can help me...looking for 2 patterns. One is a crochet bassinette purse with doll, outfit and little accessories. The other is Leisure Arts Samantha Doll with 4 outfits. I believe they are both out of print...Please drop me an email if you can help. Knitting for charity. Thanks.

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I asked about the bassinet purse a couple of years ago, and a few online patterns were listed for me in the responses. So use the search box to find it here. However, there were no doll outfits or accessories in the patterns.

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Just recently someone shared the patterns for a little bassinette purse and a whole wardrobe for the little dolls. I also found one for a teeny tiny teddy bear. I'd be happy to share. I may still have both your email addresses at home, but if you will send me an email with bassinette purse in the subject line, I'll get them to you.

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oh, thank you for getting back to me. I did search this site and found a bass purse link. I imagine there must be many variations. They are just darling. Would love to see the one for the teddy bear too. I just love the forum. Such great info! thanks again.

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Janey - formerly jane2

A link for a bassinette purse is below - I hope. I haven't been here for so long that I forget how to do things.
Isn't it lucky that I found (and saved it to Favorites) just before I surfed into thathomesite.

Happy crocheting,
A note to everyone: please can you display links so others can find the answer to what was asked for originally.
That sounds a bit cranky and it's not really meant to be - but I was soo excited that someone had asked for a bassinette purse pattern and there were answers to her question. I figured I would find more/different purse patterns when I opened the thread. And it was very disappointing there were none to be found.

Here is a link that might be useful: bassinette purse

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Oh my gawd! They really are just gorgeous! Thank you sooooo much. Some little girls are gonna be soooo happy.
Awesome. Thanks again.

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