Finished Peppercorn/Delicatus White for FKB

kitchenaddictJune 21, 2010

Here are my official digital pictures for the FKB, along with the list of details as requested by starpooh....

Cabinets- Kraftmaid Peppercorn Stain on cherry

Cabinet Door Style-Layton

Granite--Delicatus White

Flooring-Pergo Select Laminate in Red Prairie Pine

Range-GE Profile


Dishwasher- LG

Refridgerator-Fridgedaire Professional

Backsplash- Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble

Sink- Blanco Silgranit in Anthracite

Faucet- Delta Talbot

Pendants- Bellacor Seeded Bell Jar with Brushed Nickel

Pulls- Kraftmaid

Here is a link that might be useful: Peppercorn Cabinet Kitchen

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Elegant and beautiful colors.

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Hi, love your new kitchen! I wanted to ask about your faucet-how are liking the Talbott? I'm trying to decide between the the Talbott,Allora or Victorian. I'm leaning towards the Talbott because of the height. The Allora seems so tall(like so many of them do) I like the idea of magnetic docking so the Delta seems to be the only one with that. How did you decide? And does the spray nozzle when you hold it seem-big("beefy")enough in your hand? Have to make sure my husband will use it ;) thanks the the help!

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Hi daniele

Thanks you for the compliment...

The Delta Talbott was the faucet that my sister had just put into her newly remodeled kitchen. So I didn't shop around, because she said she liked hers.

I like the magnetic docking....for sure you want that feature, otherwise it will just hang there...

The height is plenty tall enough. I wouldn't recommend going any taller.

The spray nozzle seems quite beefy enough as well. This is a hefty faucet. I wouldn't want anything bigger or taller.


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Thanks for your help! The contractor is coming this afternoon to give us the timeline. If feel like I'm in school and I dont know when the homework will be due! Could you give me some insight on the Blanco sink too? I've been looking at the 1 3.4 bowl-blancodiamond. For twenty years I've had a Kohler enamel cast iron which is in great shape. I'm wondering about the care of the Blanco-I use comet and such on the Kohler. Know I will have to use different cleaning products but wondering if it can stand some abuse. My husband uses the sink to rinse paintbrushes:)The Blanco just looks so nice and streamline...sorry this got a little long.

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Hi again Daniele..

I too had a enamel sink.Mine was ugly and stained so I really wanted to go with something different. I was going to go with stainless, but I noticed too many scratched ones at other homes. I happened upon this Silgranit Black (Anthracite) sink and posted a question about it on the forum.. Got many positive responses, so I went for it...

Love it so far. I don't use Comet on it. I only wipe it with hot soapy dishwater. When it starts to look dull , 2 weeks or so ,I make a mild bleach/water solution and swish that around to disinfect it. Then I rub mineral oil all over it. Makes it shiny and looking rich and like new. Hasn't scratched at all, and I am not extra gentle with it. I have the sink grids, so maybe that helps protect the bottom. It's black so it doesn't show any staining. I wouldn't rinse paint brushes in it, but maybe that would be okay...not sure about that! I just want to keep it looking great for as long as possible!

I am really happy with my choice!


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Just gorgeous!

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Kitchen addict. Thanks for hooking me up with this thread. I love it. My friend is looking at Kraftmaid in peppercorn. Her husband was afraid it would be too dark, but not at all by the look of your kitchen! Beautiful.
Love your backsplash with that granite. You mentioned the backsplash material is crema marfil, but do you remember the tile company name?

Love your pendants too. With the relatively clear glass do you have any problems with glare bothering you? Someone posed that Q in another thread,but I lost it before hearing answers. I thought it was a great question and one I never considered so am interested in what you've experienced. Thanks.

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Hi island...

I couldn't respond to your email because you didn't provide your address to the GW forum.

The Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble was bought at Arizona Tile in Southern Calif.

As far as the pendants, I am not bothered by glare. I think they look the best when it's nighttime and they are on. They sparkle!


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Love your kitchen! It looks similar to the layout of my kitchen, what are the dimensions of the kitchen. Can you give me the measure of the stove/refrigerator wall and the wall with the pantry closet? Thanks!

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Hi Kitchenaddict,

You helped me a few weeks ago by suggesting the Delicatus White granite as I had issues with the Bianco Antico looking kind of pink to me. Now my husband is in love the Delicatus White from your photos, but we're having some trouble finding it. I just noticed above that you purchased your backsplash at Arizona this where you bought the granite? I'm in So. Cal. and haven't made it over to Arizona Tile yet but it's really close by. If not, can you tell me where you bought it from? Thank you!! :)

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Hi pumpkinpie..

Yes I found Delicatus white granite at Arizona Tile in Ontario, California. They call it "Alaska." I don't know if they have it all of the time. When I was in the process of buying it, they only had 2 slabs. I had them on hold. About one month later, they got in a new shipment of it. I found 2 slabs I liked better, and they allowed me to switch. If you love it, then I would say wait for it if you can. It's really worth the wait!

Also, be on the look-out for granite salespeople who try to sell you something else, saying it is Delicatus White. One guy tried to tell me that Kodiak was the same thing. Not true. My Delicatus White doesn't have any peach tones in it. The colors are very, white, taupe.


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I've added some finishing touches to my kitchen..


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Thanks so much for the information! I went to Arizona Tile in the San Fernando valley and they tried showing me Kodiak too which I did not like at all. I must have gone to 10 slab yards with no luck, and then happened to be driving by a yard that was not on my list and they had the Del. white! We are down to 2 diffetrent granites now, and I think my husband will end up picking the Del. white thanks to you! It seems to be exactly what we were looking for. I'll check with Arizona Tile on the Alaska to compare, but wanted to thank you so much for all your help! :)

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Hi KA! I am really loving your crema marfil and I love what you've done with the cream accents (jars, rooster, etc.) It looks fantastic! I am committed to finishing every last detail this time. I just got exhausted after we finished the kitchen last time and when summer comes, we are at the Lake every weekend, so not much time for a working girl who lives in the sticks to find stuff. I wish I could get some crema marfil samples. I will see if Arizona Tile can send me some. Don't know where I can (if I can) get arizona tile around here.

Looked at a couple slabs of BA in Tulsa last week on my way out of town for work and I liked them, but they had a lot more cinnamon in them than my last slabs, which looked quite a bit like your DW. I'm just so unsure.

We did finally settle on a tile design for DD's bath, so I feel good about that.

Thanks for having such an inspiration kitchen and being such a nice person. We are in our 4th week of being displaced and have at least 8 more weeks in the Residence Inn. We lost a week with the giant snow storm.

I'm rambling, but I am concerned with my furniture. The house is still really smoky and they've 'scrubbed' the air with those ozone machines. In any event, I am excited to finish up this time...

Have you done any other remodeling/redecorating in your house? I am always looking for ideas and your style seems very similar to mine. Take care, Wendy

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Hi Wendy...

It's really nice to hear from you..I was thinking about you recently and wondering what was happening. Thank you for the nice comments. This remodel was really my first BiG Project...and I drove myself and my DH crazy. I'm really a novice with DIY projects. The most I've done is painted some linen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. Nothing that amazing.

I did remodely my powder room at the same time as my kitchen, using leftover granite and crema marfil...It looks like a "mini" kitchen, sort of. But I didn't want to waste any granite or tumbled marble, and it needed to get done anyway. It was very low budget...but I'm happy with how it turned out.

I really wish you great success with this new remodeling challenge! I can't wait to see what you do!

I don't know if Arizona Tile is the only place that has the tumbled marble...but I would think if you couldn't get it from them, there must be something very similar out there...

Looking forward to seeing your future kitchen!


Here is a link that might be useful: Powder room remodel

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The powder room looks great! I can't believe this is your first big project. I've lost count, but this was our biggest for sure. Couldn't afford to redo the kitchen until now. Tell me about your pendants. I love them, but are they hard to keep clean? Our house is sooo dusty I'm afraid they'll be dust buckets but I love them and have wanted one since I first saw this style in an old martha stewart decorating book from the late 80's/early 90's...

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Hi Wendy..

Here are my lights...Yes they require dusting..about once a month or when company is coming. I don't really mind it and figured that would be the case. I love the look and decided it was worth it!

This site has a lot of really nice lights...


Here is a link that might be useful: Euro NIckel three light

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yay! thanks for the link. I am so darn short, trying to figure if I can clean from my trusty 3 step williams sonoma ladder. As I said, i've always wanted one. One of my friends pointed out, everything gets dusty...get it if you love it.

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Hi KA,
Lovely kitchen - very dramatic! Can you post your paint colors, too? People seem to forget that part :-)


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Hi Ebirdy...

Thank you...My wall color is Natural by Waverly...which I got at Lowe's.


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Hi KA, I am excited, inspired by your gorgeous crema marfil we are ordering Jeffrey Courts almond marble 2x4 subways, very very close to crema marfil, but a bit pinky which i think will go nicely with the new BA slabs. (hope so...) In the niche behind the stove we will use the 3/8 x 3/8 chicklets and some decorative glass and porcelain pieces that coordinate with my silver sage walls. I'm very excited and it's all inspired by your awesome backsplash!

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Hi Wendy.. are so sweet...

I can't wait to see your kitchen! Please email me when you post it...I don't want to miss it!


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Gorgeous kitchen!! This is my inpiration kitchen. I fell in love with the combo of your cabinets/granite. I just received my Kraftmaid peppercorn stain cabinets and I'm in love. I'm still shopping around for the perfect granite for them.

I love your chairs and it seems to match your cabinets perfect. Can you please tell me where you found them?

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Hi RICS...

You are too kind...I'm so happy that you love your peppercorn cabs...

The chairs I have had for a pretty long time...They are part of an inexpensive bar-height table/chair set that we had long before our remodel. I found the set at a store near my home in Southern Calif. Really, they are nothing spectacular, but they happen to match well. I wish I could be more specific. If you live in So. Cal. I will get you the name of the furniture store...It's a hole in the wall kind of place..and I have no idea what it's called.. Here's a picture of the set..

Good Luck with your search for granite!


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I'm on the opposite side of the country in NE. I've found two different granite slabs that I love Delicatus Gold and White Star (completely different from one another) but I still have sometime since we are still down to the studs and we are DIY.


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hi ka

love the cabs., we are looking at "espresso" color on cherry.

what is the name of the glass you used on cab doors. really like it and we are going to use some glass on on our doors also.

you did a great job and your kitchen is gorgeous. you should be proud of yourself/yourselves!!

after some time has passed, are u still in love with everything you did, or would you have done anything different??

thanks alot and enjoy!!!

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hi sprtphntc..

Thank you for the compliments...

The glass doesn't have a's just a clear glass.

Everything that I picked out...with the approval of my husband and daughter...are exactly what I wanted and I don't see how my kitchen could have turned out any other way.

The biggest improvement was the changing of the "footprint" of my previous kitchen was to small.

I especially love all the counter space I now just makes life easy...

And the big drawers make pots and pans and other things so accessible.

This kitchen has improved our home so was worth every penny we spent on it.


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Hey KA, just popping in. We just signed on for another month in our hotel. Can you believe? The fire was Jan 8...our kitchen cabinets are being fabricated.

So...we wait. I've gained 10 lbs. living here, good cookies and comfort food 4 nights per weeek!

Hope all is well. Someday I will post photos and thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Wendy...

I'm so glad you dropped me a line..I was wondering how it was going.

Well, that doesn't sound too bad...I mean living in a hotel with maid service and lots of eating out..I think I might kind of enjoy that..

However, I bet it gets old and you long to be home. I can't wait to see the pictures..Please notify me so I don't miss them.

Hang in there and thanks for the message!


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kitchenaddict - I love your kitchen! I have a question about your backsplash. I know you said it is AZ Tile tumbled crema marfil 2x4. What grout color did you use? Was it on a 12x12 mesh and was it installed with the mesh? I'm currently considering AZ Tile tumbled torreon 2x4 (travertine) as well...thanks in advance!

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Hi jane...

Thank you! I can't remember the name of the grout color. To me, it looks like the darkest color found in the tumbled marble. Yes, it was on a mesh and installed with the mesh. Good luck with your kitchen!


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I love your Delicatus White Granite so much with your dark cabinets! I also love your floor color, appliances and the recessed lighting! Thanks for sharing.

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Hi KA, just wanted to check in and see how your tiled windowsill is holding up. I'm debating whether or not to do a granite sill or tiled sill. Did you use any caulk at the sill or all grout? Thanks!

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Hi jane..

Caulk is used at the bottom where the tile meets the granite. Everywhere else is grout.

Behind the faucet it gets fairly wet, so I try to dry it when I'm finished with the sink. So far the caulk is holding up just fine. I would imagine I will need to re-caulk that area sometime down the big deal.

I really like having a tiled window sill..I like the look of it...but I think granite would be good too.


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Hi KA, I love your kitchen! Your granite is just beautiful! I also want to do Delicatus White granite in my kitchen. We have a more medium-light cherry cabinet, do you think your granite would look good with a lighter wood tone?

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi abfabamy...

Thank you for the nice comments...Yes I think Delicatus White can go with a lighter toned cabinet. As you know the slabs can vary greatly. If you don't find a Del. White that you like, there are many other beautiful granites out there. You just need to find that perfect slab...My advice is not to force it. Wait until you find the counter top that not only is beautiful to you, but also goes really well with your cabinet choice.

Best of luck!!


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Hello All - New to GW. What a resource to find before my kitchen renovation begins! We selected Delicatus white as our granite too! I am so excited to see these beautiful kitchens with the granite installed!! I hope you could help me with a couple ?s. How has the upkeep been with the white granite? Do you see every glass ring, every smudge and streak like I experience with my black granite today? How do you clean the granite? Do you need to seal the granite often? Do stains ruin the color over time - thinking of olive oil or red wine? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi...It's been awhile since I visited the kitchen site, so it's cool to get this message from you!

Delicatus white granite hasn't been difficult to maintain at all. We sealed it almost 4 years ago and haven't had to do it again up to this point. Water still sits on top of it (which I believe is the test one does to see if it needs sealing). I have never had any stain and tested a piece of granite before installing with mustard, ketchup . I don't believe it to be delicate and I don't baby it at all. I did have a chip in it around the sink. I must have hit the edge with something. It was an easy fix with some colored epoxy and it blends right in. I don't set hot things on it without using a trivet because it is cold and I worry about it expanding or cracking.

I don't find it to be streaky or smudgy. In fact, I can't usually see when it needs to be wiped because messes disappear into the pattern of the granite, if that makes sense. I have to bend over it and look at it from an angle to see crumbs etc..

I clean it with hot soapy water on a dishrag..nothing special....just wipe it down when I make a mess....and then every now and then I use Method Granite spray cleaner which smells wonderful...

The only negative I would say about this granite is that it has a lot of stuff going on in it. By this I mean when the light shines on it, you can see the different make-up of the granite. Some parts are shiny and some parts are more flat...Some people may want a more uniform counter. But, it is truly beautiful and it is an amazing piece of nature.

Good luck with your new kitchen! I would love to see a picture when it's done if you wouldn't mind sharing!


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Is the backsplash individual tiles? Most of the tiles I see in stores you have to buy them in boxes of the same color. How did you get the multicolor tiles? Are the tiles like a stone or more glossy/shiny like subway tiles? They look like the latter to me. A place that is doing our flooring thought they were flat stone finish. I'm trying to figure out how to buy something comparable. I think they are really nice!

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Hi Debbie...

The backsplash is called Crema Marfil Tumble Marble and the tiles come in a staggered sheet of about 10 individual tiles held together with a mesh backing. I got them at Arizona Tile in Southern California. They are a matte finish marble tile. I think that with my shiny granite, a shiny backsplash would have been too much gloss, if you know what I mean. I prefer the different finish of the matte backsplash with the shiny granite. Hope that helps.


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Hi! I love your kitchen and I'm thinking of going with KM peppercorn as well. My main hesitation is what I read on other forums about dark stains showing scratched, prints and dust much more. We have 3 little kids under the age of 5 and lots of traffic in and out of the just wondering how the cabs have held out over the years. If you got nicks/scratches were you able to repair them?

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