Purling a yarn over.

mudlady_gwMarch 14, 2007

I have been away for so long I might as well be a newbie! I have stitches on the needle and in a knit row I do a yarn over. The next row is purl. When I get to the YO do I struggle to pick up the yarn from the front of the left needle, or can I go behind the needle where there is much less tension. When I look at the yarn it seems as if the final result is the same, with the struggle method simply picking up the yarn closer to the left needle. Honestly, I used to make very complicated patterns and do them well. Old age is a dropped stitch!!!!


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I answered this last night, but today I can't find it. So, here goes again. The difference may be subtle, but there will be a slightly different look if you purl the yarnovers in the way you suggest. However, as long as you do all of them the same way, and it looks okay to you, then there is no reason to struggle. Only you can decide what works for you. I think you should try a few rows the way you suggest, so that you can see how it looks after other rows have been knitted. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

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Nancy, you might try inserting the needle as if to purl in the back of the stitch, but slide the right hand needle over the top of the left needle into the actual position needed for your stitch. I am seeing the process in my head, but haven't gotten up to try it. It should put you in the right place, as if you had struggled to get your needle in the right place, but without the struggle. I have the same problem when making a stitch by picking up the bar between stitches. The needle just doesn't want to go where I need it to. So, I put the needle where it wants to go, but slide it over the other needle with the yarn over both needles. Am I making sense? It's like putting your index fingers side by side and and sliding them around each other, like twiddling your thumbs, sort of!


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