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2ajsmamaApril 8, 2013

Thanks to everyone who posted advice and recipes for my uncle's birthday party. I made Chicken Marbella (10 lbs), about half was left but practically all the 10 lbs of roasted potatoes were eaten. There was SO much food (another 10 lbs of Shake and Bake chicken, almost all of that went, plus 20 lbs of ham - about half eaten, and numerous side dishes).

My great-uncle had a good time, one of his grand-daughters had made up posters with family photos "100 years of Love" (wedding photos) "100 Years of Family" etc. (I didn't get a chance to look at them all) and there was also an album I'm going to have to go visit him to see since I was in the kitchen most of the time. One of his great-grandsons serenaded him (he's been performing in local theater since he was 5, his 13 now and has been accepted to local performing arts high school for the fall).

He got a garden scooter (tractor seat, big mud tires and a 5-gal bucket in the back) in John Deere green and I had made him a carry-all bag to put his cordless phone, pen, notebook, etc. attached to his walker (too bad there's no place to hang it on the scooter - no handlesbars). Maybe I'll make him a "man bag" to hang around his neck while he's on the scooter - I have JD fabric. He can't wait to get out in the garden!

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Sounds like a memorable birthday party! Glad to hear the food was enjoyable.

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