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angieknitsMarch 6, 2009

I recently came across a nifty site: . They deal in bamboo needles and have all sizes of crochet needles, and DPNS, single point, and circulars. I bought a collection of 8 inch DPNs that totaled 75 needles for 30 dollars. If you order over a certian amount which if I remember correctly ended up to be like 3 or 4 sets of needles, your shipping was free. I didn't pay any shipping for my set, and I got them really fast. I was surprised, and so far they seem to be fairly decent needles. The Brand name on the packaging says Bella Knits.

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Do you have a connection with that website other than having ordered there?

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I posted this, last August, but the company I dealt with is still in business...
"I 'won' an auction on ebay and got bamboo 13" knitting needles...size 0 through 15, ALL for $6.98...with S&H the total cost is $12.98...the only drawback is that they are in the mail from Shanghi and will take 14 to 21 days to arrive...but, who cares? With a price like that I can afford to wait a while. The last bamboos I bought were DP, and even with a 40% coupon at JoAnn's, they were over $4.00. These come from the factory that makes them, so I can't imagine they'll be any different than other bamboos...maybe even the same ones repackaged and sold by others at really inflated prices.
I'll be sure to let you know when they arrive, what I think of them...if they're as okay as I expect them to be, I'm going to order a complete set of DP needles, too..these, along with the 13" and my Denise circular set that Santa brought me last year, and that I love, will take care of ALL my knitting needs!
Later I posted that they arrived and seemed the same as those expensive ones I've bought in the past. So, go to ebay and type in as your search, Bamboo knitting needles....the name of the company was, if memory serves,
5 Seasons.

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socks12345, no I just got my order the other day and was really excited, and thought I'd share. I hope I didn't violate any rules or anything, I'm new here, and a fairly novice knitter. I just was really amazed at how cheap I got them for. At my local yarn store (22 miles one way) I have to pay upwards of 3 dollars for a set of 2 and 5 dollars for a set of 4, and have yet to find a set of 5 in one package. I just thought that if anyone else lived in a town with little to no yarn supplies they might like it.

Sandra, I tried ebay but I didn't find as good a deal as I did at the site. We're a single income family until my kiddo starts school fall 2010, and I just really couldn't see paying 4 bucks a set. I found a few cheap lots, but the pics showed metal needles with worn finish, and some lots stated have a set of 3 dpns, and well if I had one dpn that was lonely of that size.. LOL well I might have concidered it. I'll check out 5 seasons on ebay though. who knows they might have some great deal on something. I just couldn't pass up on 2 bucks a set of needles at the other site.
BTW I also found a store online that sells caron natura for 99 cents a skein! it's they sell other yarns too at a good price.

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I just checked ebay and they are offering a complete set of dpn for $ different lengths...price is the same. These have no brand name, as they are from the maker of the needles....who then sell them to companies who package and sell them under THEIR name...buying from the manufacturer cuts out 'the middleman', and a fair portion of the cost. As I said, I was very pleased with all those I bought.

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Sorry, Angie, I didn't mean to offend. Usually when someone is new and posts a link to a commercial site, they are "spammers," only trying to advance their business and not a genuine participant. We're always interested in bargains!

So good luck with your knitting. I'm sure you'll enjoy participating here.

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These are kind of pricey but I just LOVE my Harmony wood dpn's from I have some Clover bamboo needles in a size 3 but I really love my Harmony wood size 2's so much I'm thinking of getting the whole set. Anybody ever get a good deal on the Harmony ones?


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Sandra.. man I wish I would have known about this site before, I'd have been going there to get my needles! lol Thank you for telling me about them though. Maybe someone else will see this topic and get a great bargain. :D

Socks you didn't offend, I was just a bit worried that maybe I posted a taboo site or something. I understand being annoyed at people who use sites to try to gain business by that type of "advertising." I really hope that I'll enjoy the site too ;). I'm sure I will though because ya'll are the only knitters I know, and the only way I'll get advice and help is through this site.

Robin, I will keep my eyes out for any thing on the Harmony brand. I hope you find some.

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Robin--what do you like about the Harmony? I only have Clover dpns (b/c that's all I have access to in town). But the engraved "clover" on the needles bugs me (my fingernails scratch the edge of the letters), and they have some nicks that catch the yarn. Have you noticed that? Are the Harmony super smooth?



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Francy, I do like the Clover ones but much prefer the Harmony. They are SUPER smooth, almost like they've been coated in poly or something but they totally haven't. They are not engraved or marked in any way and I wonder if that would cause problems identifying them if you had a bunch. But I only have the one set so far so it's not an issue. They are colorful and pretty too and oh yeah, they come 6 in a set so if you lose one or your dog eats one then you're not up the creek! They have a little give like the Clovers, I just cannot say enough about how much I love these things! The stitches do slip a bit more than they do on my Clover needles but not as much as they do on alluminum. I bought the 6" but am thinking of getting 8" ones next time just because they seem a little short (and remember, I only cast on 48 sts. for my sock). However, I'm worried that I won't be as quick or comfortable with 8". I think my Clovers are 7". Anybody have any thoughts on 6" vs. 8" needles for socks?


Gosh I sound like a commercial for these things!

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Robin, I know exactly what you are saying about the Harmony needles. I liked them so much I purchased the single point set, the double point set and the circular set. The points seem to have more taper to them and like you said they are so smooth. I love mine and won't part with them. Jill

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crochetmama, you lucky duck, do you have any problems with them not being marked with the sizes? Do the single points have markings? I'm so bad about keeping my needles all in one basket, even if I had some sort of labeled pouch I'd probably be pretty slack about putting them away correctly. I'd be having to dig through them all, holding them up to each other to tell which sizes are which! But it might be worth it to have whole sets of the Harmony needles!

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I received a Harmony circular interchangable set for Christmas. They come with a case, and I just cut out the size from the cardboard insert and put it in each pocket for the tips. They are slick and easy to use. Also, the cable is very flexible and does not kink. I love the wood because my hands do not get cold using them like they do from metal needles.

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