My first post on this forum...but maybe not my last

barefootinMarch 10, 2007

Hi everyone. I usually hang out over in garden junk, but during the winter I have been doing other crafting. I never thought I would like knitting, but,about 3 weeks ago, decided to learn. So found instructions on the net, and learned the basics. Next I needed to make something. So I chose a poncho from the lion brand site, and started it. A week and a half later is my very first knitting project! I did it! I have 3 more to make, as they will be gifts for my great nieces, ages range from 1-8 yrs old. I just thought I would share. Thanks!


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That is very cute! The nieces will love them.

Thanks for sharing.

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Congratulations on your carry through. You finished it, and it looks great.

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Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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Welcome Sherrie--I started posting here a few weeks ago and I have found quite a few great people already. I have just returned to knitting after about a 30 year break. I made a simple hat to see if my fingers rembered how to knit and today I bought the yarn to make a cardigan sweater. I am using inexpensive yarn because this will be a test to see how well the sweater fits me. Thirty years ago I needed a lot less yarn to make myself a sweater :-( Anyway, if this sweater comes out nicely I will then buy some very expensive yarn I have fallen in love with and make something really nice. Good luck with your kniting. I have never learned to crochet properly and this Friday I am going for a crochet lesson. I am newly retired and have time and patience on my side.

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You should feel really proud of yourself. My first project was a scarf. It took me a while to get more ambitious than that.

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Looks terrific... what yarn did you use? I have some grandnieces as well and they would love this and what pattern? Thanx in advance....


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Ty for your compliments, I have finished a second poncho since this one. I used lion brand Boucle, and the pattern off thier site. Have also finished a crochet poncho for an 8 yr old, it looks like a granny square pattern. It was also free on the net. They work up quickly, and the girls love them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Poncho Pattern

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You did a great job. Looks like a pro to me. Keep up the good work.

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