Pattern for yarn with lots of halo ?

rimeMarch 1, 2011

I'm knitting scarves for Samoyed Rescue, using (natch) Samoyed yarn. ( Samoyeds are very furry sled dogs from Siberia, usually pure white, with dark brown eyes and a perpetual smile ) The yarn has a lot of halo ( read : very, very fuzzy ) and the cable pattern I picked for the first doesn't really work well ( plus that is going to be one *warm* scarf ! ) Can you recommend any patterns that work well with this type of yarn ?

Thanks !

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Beautiful dogs! I would stick to a simple pattern like a rib or maybe an open lace pattern since the yarn is very warm.

This is one of my favorite scarf patterns. One Row Lace scarf


Here is a link that might be useful: One Row Lace Scarf

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What a different and interesting question! In my opinion, yarn with that much halo would not lend itself to lace knitting nor any fine patterns - it simply would not show off the stitches. Have you considered getting a plain wool yarn in a complementary or matching color and alternate stripes of the two yarns? You could do it in garter stitch, or stockinette with a garter stitch edge to prevent curl. The plain, smooth fields would highlight the special yarn in the haloed parts.

If you want to use the special yarn by itself, maybe mistake rib?

Good luck on this unusual project! Let us know what you decide to do.

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Babka NorCal 9b


That One Row Lace Scarf is just what I have been looking for. Thank you!


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Thanks for that link, Rebecca. I've seen that one before, but I'd forgotten about it. Living in Central California and near the coast, I don't need something bulky and very warm, but I occasionally like to wear a scarf. I think this one will do perfectly.

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Your welcome!


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rime, I, too, knit dog hair! I knit hats with it. I found that if I knit a singles strand of wool with it, it holds up much better and doesn't stretch. I used to have Alaskan Malamutes and now have Australian Shepherds. Samoyeds are what got me spinning in the first place. About 1976 or '78, Dog Fancy Magazine had an article about a woman who made a full length coat, a hat, and a rug out of her Sammy hair. Since I had literally pounds of collected fur in my basement, I found an instructor and started spinning. I am still spinning, the only difference is I now have pounds of YARN in my basement LOL. I love to do the hats with the fur, but scarves would be interesting as well. I just wouldn't like the fur around my neck. I found a pattern for a watch cap with a rolled brim and adjust the length of the brim to suit my needs. Good luck with your knitting and kudos for doing something for Sammy rescue!! Gets me thinking I should do something like that for Aussie rescue. Are you donating the scarf for an auction? You can e-mail me privately: texas at netutah dot com. Use the @ symbol, no spaces and . for dot.

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