Morton5's Finished Kitchen: Ikea and Fire and Ice

morton5May 27, 2009

We completed our kitchen seven months ago, but I've procrastinated on posting finished photos. Here they are at last!

Thanks to all for your many helpful ideas and comments as I went through the process.

I planned the kitchen myself-- a little tricky as the room is not rectangular. I originally planned a white/soapstone kitchen, but ended up going with a more earthy scheme because the kitchen is open to the FR, and also I thought the colors would be more family and pet friendly-- we have 5 kids, a dog and a cat. We are all very happy with our new space, and the surfaces are indeed forgiving.

We remodeled mainly because I disliked the downdraft range on my island. Plus, the cabinets were looking pretty shabby and some of the doors were splitting. I cook a lot, often for a big crowd, and I am loving the efficiency of my new kitchen.

Here are the details:

Cabinets: Ikea Tidaholm oak in black/brown, and Adel birch in medium brown (in pantry area and planning peninsula). I chose Ikea because I love their organization systems and their Blum tandembox drawers and glides. I assembled all of the cabinets myself and changed the edgebanding to match the door/drawer fronts. I was kind of excited to find "Made in Italy" stickers on all the Tidaholm doors. My GC's carpenter installed the cabinets. All drawers are full extension with soft close.

Pulls: Hickory Hardware

Granite: Madura Gold

Backsplash: Jeffrey Court's Fire and Ice, enhanced, kashmir grout (thanks Jodi in SoCal for the inspiration)

Range: Bluestar 36" RNB with island trim. The cabinet run on the range wall is pulled out 3 inches.

Hood: Futuro Futuro 48" plane (980 cfm)

Ovens: GE Monogram Advantium over ZET

Dishwasher: Bosch Integra 800 series

Refrigerator: Samsung French door RFG297. We pulled out surrounding cabs to make the fridge look built-in.

"Kid fridge" 24" LG LRBP1031 in Titanium-- love it! Holds the kids' yogurts, drinks, fruit, ice cream, frozen baked goods, ice packs-- and keeps the kids out of my way. In the same footprint as refrigerator drawers, I got twice the space at half the price. Between the Samsung and the LG, I have almost 40 cu. ft. of refrigerator/freezer space.

Faucets: Grohe K4 (prep sink) and Alira (main sink)

Tapmaster at main sink

Soap dispensers from Never MT web site

Sinks: Zero radius, 15 gauge stainless from Ebay-- 30" at main sink and 23" at prep sink

Table: Oak from reclaimed antique floor joists, from Ebay (

Chairs: Bonded leather from Overstock-- love them

Floors: Red oak, Refinished and stained Minwax golden oak, 3 coats of oil-based poly

I kept my old kitchen light fixture and ceiling fixture. I'm still planning on adding a couple of puck lights to the shelf behind the hood-- I have outlets at the tops of the high cabs, with a switch next to the range.

Thanks for looking!

Here is a link that might be useful: Morton5's finished kitchen

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I love how your kitchen came together--it feels so welcoming. The Fire and Ice really goes well with the granite. Hope you are enjoying your delightful space!

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The kitchen looks great! The backsplash are very nice!

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I love your backsplash! Can you tell me the name of it and where it was purchased? Your kitchen came out beautifully...very clean and elegant.

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Thank you all for your compliments! Ktam, the backplash is Fire and Ice, in quartz, by Jeffrey Court. I enhanced it and used kashmir Laticrete grout. The enhancing brought out the colors of the stone more, but also darkened it-- something to consider. I got the inspiration for the backsplash from Jodi_in_socal.

I bought my tile from Architectural Ceramics in Rockville, but you can find a dealer near you through the Jeffrey Court web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeffrey Court

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hey morton.
do the pieces come already on a mesh? if so, how did you get each piece (on the end) to match up to put on the wall?

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hbk, the tiles do come on a mesh that is a little less than a square foot in size. The problem with the mesh is that my it shows through the glass tiles, and we weren't completely sure we wouldn't see it once the tile was set in thin set. My installer removed the mesh and installed the pieces individually. He cut the tile where needed at the end of a run. I hope I have understood your question-- give a holler if that's not clear.

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Did he put the tile directly on the sheetrock or did he put on a cement backboard on the sheetrock?

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Maple or cherry Cabs? We are looking to do a very similar colour for our new kitchen, but were still not sure of the wood to use.

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hbk, the tile went directly on the sheetrock.

fromwithin, the cabs are stained European oak. The grain runs horizontally on the doors and end panels, which gives it a more modern look.

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Love the backsplash and we're seriously considering it. Unfortunately, the "sample" at Architectural Ceramics isn't nearly as impressive. Morton5, we live in Bethesda and would love to see yours in person if possible. Please email me by clicking on my profile where it says "send me an email".

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Skormama, I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable with meeting as I don't "know" you from the forum. I'm sorry if that offends, but I like to follow the same internet safety rules I set for my family.

The colors on the BS in the photo are accurate-- my installer enhanced the tile, so that brought out the colors a bit more. Architectural Ceramics let me bring a couple of sheets of the tile home, and I wet them to see if I liked the enhanced look. Good luck with your backsplash choice.

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No problem, no offense. I understand. The sample we got from Architectural Ceramics is only 3 rows, so harder to get a good idea of what it will really look like.

My biggest question is about the glass. On the black backer board that the sample is mounted on, it is VERY iridescent, showing all of the rainbow colors you expect in iridized glass. But the photos don't show that, and I wonder if that's because they are mounted on white sheet rock with white mortar (not the black board). In real life, do you get the rainbow hues (like a soap bubble), or is it just more reflective like what you see in your photos. Also, did you replace any of the glass tiles with a darker amber (as I know others on the forum have)? If so, where did you get them? Thanks for your help.

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They gave you only three rows? They are getting stingy with their samples. They lent me 2 mesh-backed sheets (no black backer board). I would remind them that if you are going to plunk down several hundred $ for tile, you need to be comfortable with what you are ordering. If they can't provide you with the service needed to make a decision, maybe another dealer will.

My glass insert tiles are more reflective than iridescent. The iridescence has never jumped out at me-- actually, I just had to critically look at the tile to see it, and only see it from certain angles. We did not make any tile substitutions. We used white thin set and Laticrete grout in Kashmir.

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Here is another kitchen I found with Fire & Ice ...

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What was the name opf the enhancer you uses? I really ;like the look and hope to be able to use it for my kitchen...Also, is it normal for at least 3 tiles per sq. ft. to be chipped in the corners? Please let me know...I do not want to complain before knowing if that is normal with quartz tile...

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Morton5, question about your prep sink. Love the pullouts underneath! What size cabinet is that- a 24" or 30" cabinet? I am guessing 30" but read above that your sink is 23"

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Christinatile, we used the Miracle Sealants 511 Seal and Enhance-- one coat before grouting and one coat after. My installer did not apply too heavily, as the enhancer brought out the color, but the tile does not look wet or shiny. I have also heard of people applying one coat of Seal and Enhance, and then a coat of sealer on top of that. You might want to experiment with some scrap tile to get the intensity you want.
Scrappy25, the prep sink is in a 30" cabinet. I have about 6" of granite from the edge of the sink to the end of the island.

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I LOVE this kitchen!
Especially how lovely everything works together and the beautiful back-splash.

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I want one of those! It's beautiful!

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Thanks for sharing, so its looks like there are multiple work spaces. I was curious about the sink by the window vs the sink in the island.

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