Sock knitters, metal or bamboo DP's?

socksMarch 9, 2008

What kind of DP needles do you use for socks?

I'm using bamboo, but I knit so tight it's hard on my hands and fingers. I was wondering if metal DP's might work better for me.

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When I use circulars for socks, either metal or bamboo will do, but when I use dpns I prefer bamboo. When I use metal, the needles are always slipping out of the stitches, which makes me crazy. But if you are a tight knitter, this might not be a problem for you.

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I too prefer bamboo or wood. Unless I am using a size 0-2, and then I use metal. I have broke more bamboo needles in a size 1.

Socks are my travel project and I sit on the bag or toss it around. And size one bamboo are not up to that kind of abuse!


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Hmmm, I might try some metal ones. My next pair of socks will be on a size 1. Would that be aluminum, Clink?

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Socks, I only use Addi Turbo circulars size 2 for my socks now, but I used to use bamboo dbl pts. They do break easily. If you knit tightly, you may not have a problem with the metal needles falling out, but I did, and I did knit tight. Now, it seems I've loosened up. I don't know if you can find size 1 or 2 double points in a regular store. You will probably have to go to a yarn shop or order them online. I know I haven't seen any that small in craft stores around here, or even Jo Ann fabrics.

I was a bamboo addict because they didn't take the heat out of my hands. I find the Addi Turbos don't bother me, either. I have cold hands all the time anyway, with out the metal needles taking what little I have!


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I haven't ventured into making socks on circulars yet, I'm still very much a beginner and not feeling too adventurous. If I rock the boat by trying anything new at this point, I'll probably fall out of the boat!!

I looked at some nickel plated ones on Knit Picks online, but I'll check some other online sources too.

Thanks everyone.

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I prefer bamboo for the reasons Socks and Donna mention. Metal dps slip out constantly--all the way out too. And my hands get cold using metal needles. I don't know if bamboo break more easily than wood ones. I make my own wood ones, and you can make size 1 using wood skewers, which I have not tried yet, but they are size 1 diameter. I have never tried the more expensive rosewood needles. Are they sturdier than bamboo in size 1?????

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If you prefer DPNs, try the Knitpicks metal DPNs. I've found their metal circulars to be less slippery than the Addi Turbos. And the price is right. I use the Magic Loop method with a 40 inch circular and right now my favorite needles for this are the Knitpicks Classic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitpicks DPNs

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I use bamboo size 2. I'm new to knitting socks, so I may have to try some of these others.

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Hello I'm Zipper and I'm afraid I'm a needle addict lol, I have all of them the bamboo I use on slippery sock yarn, the metal dpns are for when the bamboo are engaged and my Addi turbo 40" circular is my preferred modus operandi at the moment lol =0) I have managed to make three pair of socks at the same time using the magic loop method --- Thank you Tami! =0)--- so I'm pretty sure this is what I like best. Not much help am I lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: you tube magic loop video just in case =0)

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