My finished kitchen.

sharburkMay 7, 2007

I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to post photos of my kitchen. Life has been busy. I just had the house tented for termites this week. My husband is still climbing Mt. Everest and I've been helping babysit for grandchildren. But, I'm loving my kitchen. I don't know if I would go through everything again, but it's over and I love it. If I could do over, there are definitely things I would do differently, but I'm sure no matter how many times I did it, there would be things to improve on.

I want to thank all of you for answering questions that I had. This has been such a great place to share ideas. During a kitchen remodel there is no one else who is as interested as another person doing their own remodel. Thanks. Sharb

Cabinets, perimeter: Premier Custom-Built, Inc. Maple, Beaded inset-1", Door Style-Cambridge 1", Drawer Head style -Cambridge 1", Finish Name: White/GR, Finish family: Cloister

Cabinets, island: Premier Custom-Built, Inc., Wood species: cherry, Door: Beaded inset - 1", Door style-English Cambridge-1", Drawer Head Style: English Cambridge-1", Double pegs on all four corners, Finish Name: Ant. Honey/RU/WM, Finish Family: Colonial Rustic

Knobs and hinges: Gerber ORB

Counter (perimeter): Kashmir Gold Granite

Counter (island): Caesarstone honed Jerusalem Sand

Backsplash: Jerusalem gold

Range: Viking VGSC486-6G Burgundy 48" All Gas with six open burners, 12" wide griddle/simmer plate, double oven, self cleaning, Brass trim, Stainless Steel high shelf,

Range Hood: Burgundy Viking with brass trim.

Refrigerator: 48" Sub-Zero with Top Knobs handles

Sink: Herbeau Fireclay Farm House Sink - White

Faucet, main: Herbeau "Royale" 2 Hole Kitchen Mixer with Wooden Handspray - Finish Weathered Brass

Faucet, Prep Sink: 18" Bates & Bates, Copper, round, hammered

Faucet, prep sink: Herbeau "De Dion" Single Lever Mixer with Wooden Disc Cartridge and Handspray - Finish Weathered Brass

Soap & Lotion Dispenser: Herbeau Weathered Brass

Water Dispenser: Herbeau Weathered Brass

Dishwasher: Miele

Fireplace: Honed Calcutta Marble, custom

Microwave/Convection: Viking

Counter Stools: Ethan Allen

Beverage refrigerator: Viking

Wine refrigerator: Viking

Paint: Benjamin Moore-Rich Cream

Trim paint: BM Custom

Chandeliers: Custom, Uni Lite, Anaheim, CA

Windows: Marvin

Floors: 5" & 7" hand hewn hickory/pecan planks, med-dark finish

Powder Room:

Cabinets: Premier Custom-Built Inc., German glass, milk paint

Hinges and Knobs: Gerber

Faucet: Herbeau with weathered brass finish.

Counter top: Jerusalem Gold

Flooring: King Gold with Calcutta marble keys

Chandelier: Fredrik Ramond

Sink: Kohler

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Photos

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I never tire of seeing your kitchen! Thanks for posting the info and photos! I know you are enjoying your beautiful new spaces.

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It's lovely - very elegant and enormous!!

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Holy carp! I think your island is bigger than my house!

Really stunning Just beautiful!

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Your home is lovely. You have an eye for detail. Enjoy.

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Hi Shar,

Even thought I have looked at your kitchen pictures many, many times, I still couldn't use the slideshow feature because I was stopping it at each picture to take a longer look!! You truly have a magnificent kitchen/home!

I wasn't aware of the location of your fireplace before and when I saw where it was, it just took my breath away. So amazing and your new table was the perfect choice. I can just feel all the happy memories being made here.

Hope your DH is doing well on his climb. You must be really missing him. Zoey

PS I love your front door!!!!!

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You did a wonderful job. Everything is perfect. I know you are going to enjoy the spaces for years to come.

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What a great job you did. I love the burgundy viking and the wood floors, the shades that pick up the burgundy, the pantry with the lovely fixture. You must've worked months just on the design. That looks like a parade of homes kitchen (better than most). Love the copper prep sink-it's a nice surprise in that special island. It's a huge kitchen but still warm. WOW

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Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy your home.

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You have done an amazing job with your kitchen. You have a flair for interesting details. I absolutely love looking at it! It is so inviting - you must be pleased! Enjoy it!

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Beautiful!!! I just love your kitchen and your entire home. Thanks for the info!

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What an inspiration! I am about two weeks away from ordering cabinets. How wide and deep are your pots and pans cabs? How wide is your tray/platter cab? Last question, does your main sink faucet have a wood handle on the sprayer? I couldn't tell from the pics. Oh-I lied, one more ques. Is the finish on all the Herbeau faucets Weathered Brass? Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!


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Thank you for so many nice comments. It's nice to hear after working so long on a project.

Melinda, My pots and pans drawers are 34-3/4" wide and the drawer measures about 7-1/2" from top to bottom. But, you could put in a pan that is a little taller because it measures 8-1/4" from the bottom to where a pan would hit the upper cabinet. My tray cabinet is 16" wide. I love that cabinet, so many things can be stored in it.

Yes, both sinks have a wood wood handle on the sprayers and both are the weathered brass. I have to admit that if I were to do over, I don't think I would use the Herbeau brand or the two handled faucet. I like the look, the style, etc. After ordering my faucets, I was told my a local store that they no longer carry Herbeau because the majority of them have to be returned.. He was right. I had to return my sprayer on the prep sink and wait for another and now am waiting for a new sprayer on the main sink. I should have listened to the guy. At the time, I thought maybe he was irritated because I didn't order from their store and was just putting down a brand that he doesn't carry. I would choose another brand and as much as I like the look of my style faucet, I miss my old one handled faucet.

Good Luck

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Sharon, do you walk into your new kitchen and ask yourself, "am I in the same house?" The transformation is amazing and oh so beautiful.

I surely hope these room are featured in a magazine. Have they been? If not, they need to be.

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Are you sure this is the same house? What an amazing transformation. Absolutely gorgeous.

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Simply beautiful. You have great attention to detail.

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Love it! My husband and I are about to start building our home. Yay! We've been working on the plans for almost a year now. Anyway, I'm looking to do an island similar to yours. Can you tell me what the dimensions of your island are and how much the overhang for the barstools is? Also, do you have any issues with getting things in and out of the cabinets on that side? I don't want to waste the storage space by not having access to the interior on that side, but I wondered if having an overhang would be an issue. I also thought it might look weird having doors there, so I'm glad to see it doesn't. Thanks.

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One other question: What are the dimensions of your kitchen overall? Thanks.

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One of the prettiest kitchens I've ever seen- stunning! I love the island especially and the round prep sink.

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Seascrapper, Thank you very much. We are loving the kitchen. Even more than I thought I would. Although it has taken much longer to finish up loose ends than I would have ever thought. I had painters here this week doing some touch up work. They had to paint one door between our master bedroom and bath. They stepped in some Bondo and then walked it around the master bedroom. They now have to replace the carpet in the master bedroom, closets and a storage room. It never seems to end! One thing I was NOT going to do was replace the carpet upstairs..

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Wow - beautiful kitchen and I love the cabinetry in the other areas of the house as well...

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Your kitchen is gorgeous! One quick question - I notice you have knobs (vs pulls) on your drawers and dw. How is that working out - especially on the heavier pot and pan storage drawers. I am trying to decide what to use. I am also doing a covered panel on my dw. Thanks!

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The knobs are working out just fine. I remember asking my KD, especially about the DW. I thought I would need a large handle and she assured me that I didn't.. I trusted her and she was right. No problem. Same with the pots and pans drawers and the drawers with the dishes is even heavier and it is no problem. I've never had a second thought about it. Sharon

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Thanks for the quick reply. I really prefer the look of knobs and am now feeling confident about going ahead with them.

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You are one of the reasons this site is so helpful -- thank you, Sharon, for making the time to take such detailed photos so that those of us who are in the planning stages can get all sorts of ideas. I'd thought we were all done but after seeing the clever face for your dishwasher (so it looks like a drawer with a cupboard door underneath) I have a change to make ....

I hope your husband had a splendid climb! In 2002 my husband and I did it for our honeymoon and now, kind of similar to you, we're knee-deep in children (albeit ours, not grandchildren [our eldest child is only three years-old!]).

Thank you again for sharing the pictures of your lovely home. I just know you and your grandchildren (and their parents!) are making many happy memories there. Take care.

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Sharon, your kitchen is an inspiration! I am needing to choose my cabinet paint color tomorrow. Were your cabinets factory painted or painted on-site. If so, what color are your cabinets? Is there a glaze on them? thank you.

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Yes, my cabinets were painted at the factory and there is a glaze on them. Off hand I don't remember what they called this color, but the wall color that most closely matched them is "Rich Cream" by Benjamin Moore.

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Hi Shar, I was looking though the finished kitchen pictures and I love everything about your kitchen. I only hope my renovation looks half as nice when it's finished. I noticed you said that your cabinet hardware is called Gerber? Is that the company name? I can't find anything online with that name. Do you have a link? Thanks!

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Here is a link to Gerber Hinge Company.

Thank you for the nice compliments.-- SharB

Here is a link that might be useful: Gerber Hinge Company

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Gorgeous! Your pantry is the inspiration for ours...I've showed my DH a picture and told him "This is what I want our pantry to look like!" (No chandelier, thing my DH really didn't want since we plan to store right up the ceiling and a chandelier would be in the way...ours is a little smaller than yours)

Your kitchen and DR are wonderful...especially now that you have your chairs!

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Does the words ENVY...DROOLING...WANTING THAT!! Mean something!! That is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Your kitchen and house are absolutely gorgeous. All details are elegant and tasteful. I can't believe the transformation from the original photographs. Could you possibly share the name of your architect/designer?

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Gwendelen, I used Kitchens on Montana in Santa Monica, CA, for my kitchen and the architect was John McNeely. Funny you should ask this question today. I picked up some fabrics as possible draperies just yesterday, been mulling this around for some time. I never seem to quite finish!

Thank you for the compliment.

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Thanks for the information. I'm trying to decide if I need a kitchen designer or an architect for ideas on remodeling my kitchen which includes taking down walls in the family and dining rooms. I guess I need both! I really can't believe your before/after pictures, it seems like two different houses. Did you have a vision of what changes needed to be made or did the ideas generate from the architect? Good luck with your fabric shopping for drapes, that must seem easy after all the wonderful choices you have made for your home.

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It's beautiful. Enjoy it (as I'm sure you are!) ;-)

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WOW!!! That's really nice!!! Good job!! I enjoyed viewing your photo album!

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Sharon, I love your home. It is absolutely stunning. Your kitchen pictures were very helpful to me as I also have creamy white cabinetry, and was debating about using ORB hardware. It looks great in your kitchen. I think I will go ahead and use the same finish in mine. Question: What size refrigerator handles did you use?
Thanks for sharing your pictures. They are an inspiration. Enjoy!

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Beautiful!!! I love the backsplash!!! Does anyone know what this is called? She has "Jerusalem gold" listed above... I guess that the color. Is it sheets of tile? Or something different?

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