Another IAQ/Humidifier/Furnace setup question

jdougjoApril 7, 2011

This might be too much to ask, but...

Had my 2 systems put in and the installers did a nice job, but after I noticed my Honeywell HE250A bypass humidifier was not working I looked and am pretty sure the installer didn't configure things right for the humidifier or for dehumidifying. They are coming back tomorrow, but I would like to understand this so I know they do it right.

Upstairs system is Trane XV90 2 stage var speed furnace with Trane XR15 single stage heat pump.

Downstairs system is Trane XV95 2 stage var speed furnace with Trane XR15 single stage heat pump and Honeywell TRUEEase HE250A bypass humidifier.

First the Humidifier. According to this picture the top dip switch should be set to the right and the lower to the left. Am I right? Installer did not set them to this.


Then on the IAQ it appears he should have installed a jumper between RH and H1 as shown in Fig 14 below. Correct?


And finally, for the general tstat to furnace/heat pump with dehumidify on demand how should this be wired and jumpered?

As for DOD from the IAQ diagram it looks as though DHM2 connects to the low speed fan terminal on the furnace. Is that the BK terminal? Why does the furnace install guide say "between R and BK"? I haven't actually looked at the board on the furnace but that doesn't make sense to me. Can someone help clear this up?


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