knitting board patterns

caflowerluverMarch 22, 2005

I just got a knitting board and have been searching for patterns (hopefully free or at least cheap) on the internet. Anyone know of any good websites or, better yet, books with instructions and pictures.



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Here is a link to many free patterns. As for books, are you looking for good beginner or advanced patterns?

Here is a link that might be useful: Free Patterns

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Thanks for the link. I have been knitting and crocheting the traditional way for over 40 years so I know it pretty well. I just don't know how to transfer that knowledge to a knitting board or loom. I received basic instructions with the board and found more on the web so I guess I am looking for a more advanced book. Thanks for asking.

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I found this pattern for a scarf using the knitting board.

Here is a link that might be useful: scarf

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What is a knitting board?
Linda C

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It looks like a sophisticated version of the spool knitters that kids use (make knitted cords with).

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting Boards

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I found this...
Looming Instructions

and this (search for knitting loom or knitting board and patterns)...

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting Board Patterns

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Donna & Wendy - Thanks for the URLs and information.

I am trying to get as much information and patterns as possible so I can make my own book since I can't find one out there.
They do have a good forum on that knitting board site.
Thanks again.

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I am totally lost here.....why would you use one? Doesn't look nearly as fast as knitting....and your patterns are limited.....and it's bulky....
I don't understand.....
Don't you have to do one stitch at a time with that pick thing?
Linda C

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Linda, don't you remember the "two good arms" argument from another post? Also, some people are just uncomfortable with knitting needles and this gives them something substantial that can sit in their lap without worries about dropping stitches. I don't feel the need for one, but I can understand someone else's need or desire. To each his own.

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AAH....I forget ahbout people with handicaps of some sort....and those in nursing homes. Probably would be a good tool for rehabilitation.
Linda C

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It looks like it's more like weaving, which some people just like to do. It's be fun to try, I think. Looks like you can get some interesting textures with it, too.

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I thought it looked like fun and something new to try. Plus after 40 years of doing it the traditional way, I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so thought this might be easier on the hands and wrists.
From what I read it is suppose to be faster and easier to do and you get a double sided or thicker item if you want. Or just use one board for regular thickness.
Linda, why the negative attitude? Like Donna said, to each his own.

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If you use the hook where you throw each's not faster....if you use a shuttle thing, where it knits a row in very short time it is faster....but I guess that's more of a knitting machine than a board.
I knit for relaxation and to keep my hands busy while I am watching TV or in the car when someone else is driving...and I also have carpal tunnel from 60 years of knitting, crochet and many other abuses of my hands....but I take a few day break when it gets bad.
If you have to use a hook, I don't think you will find it any better on your carpal tunnel. I helped a child do spool knitting a bit ago....and it really bothered my hands.
Sorry you felt I was being negative....I just don't understand why if you could knit with needles you would want to go to a board as it seems so much less versitile...unless there is a trick to it I don't know.....but have at it if that's your pleasure.
Linda C

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Does anyone know of a pattern to knit blankets off a knitting board?
By the way, I love my knifty knitter! I had learned how to knit the traditional way a while back and I couldn't get it, I was dropping stitched left and right and I had forgotten how to finish the project so it was stuck on the needle. I really like doing it this way, and I do find it easy on my wrists after a day of sitting at a computer at work and playing video games...and it's relaxing!

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Well here I go again:-) After having fun with the spool knitting and the granddaughters, I HAD to buy a knitting board! Found the spool knitting to be less stressful! Anyway, I think I've figured out the basic stockinette stitch after much starting over and gnashing of teeth. There is a forum for help but I'm sure you gals will come through. I can see where doing nothing but the stockinette stitch will get very boring! Any experts among us? Any beginner patterns?

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Aptosca, I just sent you an email. Have fun with your knitting board. It sounds like a great idea. I sent you another one.

The knitting board would be great for rehab, or for those in nursing homes who used to knit but can't anymore due to disabilies! When my aunt comes home from visiting her sister, I will mention it to her, as she is retired from a nursing home, but still sees some of her former work-mates. She knows the craft/activities director and will mention it to her for me.


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Thanks everyone for the new posts and information. I haven't been doing much of any knitting since last Spring when we started a DIY kitchen remodel. We are down to the last stretch and hope to have it done by Christmas.
BTW I have learned another new way to knit. Spool knitting with metal wire. It combinds my love of knitting and jewelry making. Always something new to try.

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I started using the knifty knitter a few years ago and loved it but I only had the rectangular looms. Recently I started looking for more versatility, something where I could make tighter stitches, etc. and realized most patterns and instructions (many on btw) for these things require (or are demonstrated on) a round loom, which I just don't have. I also want to learn to use 1 side of the rake, which has proven difficult to understand - however - I just purchased an "Authentic Knitting Board" ( and with it came a DVD. The website itself has a few pretty good, simple to understand videos on how to do casting on/off, as well as how to do a few different stitches. Im very new to knitting and found these little videos (which are free on the site, and some on youtube) to be very helpful. I knitted a cabled scarf 10 minutes after watching them and it came out incredibly well!

While I'd love to know how to get that e stitch down on the board, it can wait. The only real question I have right now is in making a Cravat (short neck wrap scarf with a button closure) How would you go about adding the button and the button hole best? I really want to make a bunch of these for christmas and could knock out several per day if i just knew the dynamics of adding the button/hole.

Im sure you could just pry the button thru some of the stitches in the other end but wonder if that will just mess up the stitches. Getting the button on - well I can't even pretend to imagine unless you add it by sewing it on to the end of the scarf after it's cast off and completed.

Anyone with any advice, who has made these before, feel free - I'd like to be less of a knitting noob by the end of the day somehow ;)

Now, I can't translate any of these patterns from regular knitting to the board but this page has an extreme overabundance of free patterns. There are so many you'll be looking at them for days. Perhaps if you find one you love, you could find someone to translate it to board instructions for you.

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Brandi, Can you crochet? If you can, crochet a short chain for a loop to put the button thru. Sew the button on wherever you want it.


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I am very new to this craft but I love it. I found a pattern on one of the sites that I was searching and I don't understand part of it. it is called danbury hooded sweater, it talks about a placket and wrapping the pegs 6 times.. can anyone help me?? thank-you, cindy

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I enjoyed useing it. However got this bulky sweater when done. Can't find patterns to use with it. So my 28" is going on eBay soon. Save your money and buy some needles. I won't wear the sweater and it barely fits in my dresser, what a wase of time and money. Sue B.

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Does anyone have any sweater charts for elmo or cookie monster. doing mary maxium sweaters and need these charts to make childen sweater for my gandsons

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