Leis from Hawaii, crocheted!

socksMarch 15, 2007

A friend in Hawaii crocheted these leis for my husband and me at Christmas. It's hard to see, but each has two nuts and bows at the closing end. They are just georgeous, and I cannot decide which I like best.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Those are lovely! Did she come up with the idea on her own, or did she have a pattern. Nice colors, too.

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What a nice gift! And beautiful.

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I think she designs them herself. She e-mailed me that she was thinking of making a new style for 2007.

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Here is a pattern from Royal Carribean hope it might help soMaking a Hawaiian Lei
Give your summer parties an exotic feel by making your own Hawaiian Lei and offering your guests Mai Tai cocktails. Just follow our easy step by step instructions.

What youÂll need to make an Hawaiian Lei
Number 10 crochet thread (doubled), or waxed dental floss
Special lei needle, or large sewing needle with medium-sized eye
Approximately 80 dendrobium orchid blossoms (or flower of your choice)
Water mister
Tape measure
Felt-tip pen

Step 1: Cut a length of thread (doubled) or dental floss (not doubled) 50 inches long and thread your needle.
Step 2: Mark each end 5 inches from the end with the felt-tip pen. (It's helpful to place a clip of some sort at one end.)
Step 3: Pluck the stem from each blossom, one at a time or pluck them all before you start.(If you're making a lot of leis, have one person string and one pluck.)
Step 4: Sliding the needle on the 'lip' of the flower, pierce the flower about a 3/8-inch below the stub of the stem.
Step 5: Continue adding flowers on the needle, gently nesting the end of each flower into the 'mouth' of the next. (The line of pierced blossoms should look like a stack of nested hats).
Then grasping every 4-5 blossoms gently in the palm of your hand move them down to the end of the thread. (You?ll need to string about 80 blossoms for a 40 inch lei).
Step 6: Finish the lei by nesting the first and last flowers and tying a square knot. Leave a 'tail' to carry the lei with until you are ready to present it.
Step 7: Finally, lightly mist each lei as you complete it and store in the refrigerator in loose moistened plastic bags until ready for use.
Helpful Hints: Orchids are a lot like lettuce, they don't like to be too cold and they will turn clear if they directly touch the sides of a cold refrigerator. It may help to turn your refrigerator down a little. The leis will last up to five days in the refrigerator, misting as needed - however, they are still best used no later than the next day.

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I just did a google on crocheted leis and there are a number of sites - some even have instructions. Seems there are even books on the "how to" by a couple of authors. You might want to try it yourself. Budster

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Those sure are pretty Socks Thanks for sharing

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I think it is a wonderfull gift.so pretty and lovely.Thanks for sharing.
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