Sari silk

lindacMarch 5, 2010

Any one ever used it? Did you love what you made? did It stink as so many say? what did you make?

Tell me tell me!

I just bought 10 skeins and am going to make a shawl/wrap.

All info from previous knitters gratefully received!

Linda C

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I guess no one's ever used it, Linda. Sorry.

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Thanks for the reply...
I just waded in, bought some, knit a sample to figure out my gauge and am now well into a shawl, triangular pattern.
It's not the easiest stuff to work with, mainly because of the slubs, and now that I am well into it, I wish I had knit another thread along with it to give some stability, but there are other shawls to knit.
And yes it wonderful shiny, vibrant and very funky!!
Stinks a little like kerosene or something similar...not offensive.
But to anyone who is considering trying it...I say go for it. I have 10 skeins of about 85 yards each...I hope that's enough.
Linda C

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Sounds like something I did, I was browsing thru WM and saw some LB Fun Fur. I bought what they had plus some matching LB Homespun. I'm still looking for a pattern to use this stuff on. I've never used the Fun Fur before and it looks a little intimidating. I'm thinking I will have to use the two together (double strand it) to make it easier to handle.

Good luck with your project.

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