need help fixing old objects - has pictures

ironkitMarch 19, 2007

My brother was cleaning his room the other day and found two objects that he's had for the last 26 years that have holes in them. He asked me if I would please fix them. The gingerbread man matters the most - my grandma made him for my brothers 24 years ago.

I have the correct brown to fix this, but not the pink or green. I could find matching thread quite easily. This is crocheted.

This is what I'm most concerned about:

I have an idea of how to fix this:

This one doesnt matter as much. It's knitted. I don't have any way of getting matching yarn, but I don't think it matters much.

Garter stitch border:

There's a stitch missing there, and there IS a end. I have no idea how this happened.

This is in the middle. It's stockinette.

Thanks for any help!

~ Kit

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Kit, I'll try. For the hole in the ginger bread man, you will just have to darn it closed. For the white bobble, you can either make a new one and replace it or tack the pull in place. For the pink chain edging, it looks like the stitch was stretched. See if you can work it back in place with a crochet hook. If not, tuck it back and tack it so it can't be seen. As far as I know, there is no other way to fix the hole in the body.

On the knitted piece, I can't be much help with the edges. On the hole in the middle, take a crochet hook and fix the stitches back together, then tack them where they should fasten. Try to do any tacking as invisibly as you can, and you can use regular sewing thread to do it. It won't be as pretty and perfect as it was originally, but will still be a nice keepsake and can be gently used. If they aren't fixed somehow, they will continue to come apart and your brother won't even have them for the memories.

Maybe someone else can give you better suggestions, but this is what I and another lady I know have done in the past.


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How... do I darn?

Thanks for the other suggestions, though. I think I'll work on that tonight!

~ Kit

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To darn, you very carefully do a weave, like basket weaving. First stitches going one way, then weave stitches the other direction. For the hole on the gbm, take brown thread, doubled and knoted. Then carefully pull the stitches back into place, making sure all loose ends are caught. You might not even really see the repair unless you look really hard.


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