Steek Stitch???

Marlene KindredMarch 27, 2009

I need help with steek stitches. Are they cast on with a different ball of yarn? After my open collar sweater is finished, can they be bound off or do they need sewed on a machine? What are my chances of ruining my year long project? The instructions talk like any 4 year old can do this.

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Geez....I'll be glad to hear what someone says about this. I did a google and didn't find much, but did read this, which sounds pretty durn scary...let us know what you find out, and in the meantime I'm staying away from a Steek stitch!

"I'm knitting a Fair Isle sweater right now and my instructions suggested that I pearl every steek stitch so I would recognize it when it comes time to cut it (yes, I said cut). That's what a steek means, a small gate so to speak. Since I'm knitting my sweater in the round, I am knitting all the time, which is the same in the round as stockinette stitch. I put a marker on each side of my 1 purl stitch and when I come to it I don't forget to purl it. When I get ready to cut down the front of it, I can plainly see the purl stitch and I know that I need to cut straight down that purl stitch.

Before you cut your steek stitches though you need to run some straight or zig zag stitches up against the side of the purl stitches to reinforce your knitting and this is just insurance that makes you feel better. It sounds alot worse than it is, so take it one step at a time.

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Marlene Kindred

Sandra, when you first cast on your steek stitches, do you use different yarn (from a different ball) or do you use the same yarn. If a different ball, wouldn't you end up with a long piece stretching from one end of the steek stitches to the other? And when you cut, do you completely cut out the steek stitches or fold them under the garment? -john

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No, the steek stitches are cast on with the same ball of yarn that you are using for the garment. I like to purl the steek stitches - it makes it easier to sew the machine seam and cut the finished piece. And yes, you do cut the garment completely open. I usually make the button bands with a 4-stitch facing to cover the raw edge.

Knitting a steeked garment takes a bit of getting used to!

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks anne b

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